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Saving money is a big deal at my house, with three kids and being a mom who works part-time out of the house, I am always looking for a good bargain. I know you can save money cutting coupons but there are other ways to save money you may not know about! You can actually save money all year.

Did you know that every month offers some sort of special discount or deal on something? Most times you might come across things for sale and you don’t even realize it’s part of a monthly clearance that happens every year. Here is a list composed of each month’s special deals so you can be sure to stock up and save money all year!

Save Money ALL Year

January: Christmas and other winter decorations, White sales happen at big department stores (items like towels, sheets, bedding, throw pillows, flannels, PJs, hats/scarves/winter items), perfume, dishes, and then electronics are also on clearances as new ones are being released. Cars also tend to be on sale. Toys left over in stock from Christmas also clearance out.

February:  Winter clothes, and the day after Valentine’s Day look for Valentine’s Day clearance stuff for next year.

March: Frozen foods and check outlet malls for winter clearance or summer clothes from last year left in storage.

April: Easter Clearance and more winter clothes clearance, also spring break sales.May: Memorial Day Sales, hot dogs/condiments, buns, taco shells, refried beans, taco seasoning, salsa, and spring clothes on clearance.

June: Trees, popcorn, popsicles.July: Summer clothes, swimsuits, huge toy clearance at Target!!

August: School supplies, back to school clothes, summer items, outdoor patio furniture, lawn and flower care, pool toys, bug spray and sunscreen.

September: Fall apparel, back to school items on clearance.

October: College room décor, Halloween costumes and of course items after Halloween.November: Black Friday deals, online shopping on Cyber Monday, after Black Friday: stock up on PJs, linens, toys, printers, dvds and dvd players, electronics, Amazon deals.

December:  If you can hold out for Free Shipping Day, it is usually about a week before Christmas and hundreds of websites participate. After Christmas sales on Holiday items and clothes, wrapping paper and tape, cards, toys, online deals all month with last minute clothing sales and electronic items (sign up for store emails).

I hope this list of deals can help you as much as it helps me. I love searching for special deals each month and hope you can find some more to add to our list!


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