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My husband and I sometimes debate what season we like best. For me, I have my reasons to love fall. However, my husband is a teacher, and fall can be a stressful time for him with the start of a new school year. Fall still holds powerful sway. He admits that if he had a career in any other field, he’d probably agree it’s the best time of the year.

Here are a few reasons to love fall and why it is so glorious:

3 Reasons To Love Fall

Family Outings.

The highlight of the season is at least one trip to a local pumpkin patch. The St. Louis region offers many from which to choose, and pumpkins are just part of the fun. Over the years, my daughters and I have zipped down slides at Thies Farm and played in corn boxes (like sand boxes but filled with kernels of dry corn) at Daniel’s Farm. Sometimes we go with just our family, sometimes with friends, and last year we went with my oldest daughter’s preschool class. We still need to get out to Eckert’s one of these years, which is a big area favorite. Also this fall, we are planning at least one weekend camping trip. Several state parks are within 30 minutes to two hours from our house, and we may as well squeeze in one more trip with our giant tent we purchased this spring. I’ll pack the heavy sleeping bags for those cool nights.

Garden Chores.

By this time of year, most of our veggie and flower beds are looking scruffy. It’s a joy to get out in the cooler air and rip out the dry vegetation. The garden looks so tidy afterward. It’s also a great time to harvest a little more lettuce and spinach from large pots on our patio. We plant a new crop at the end of the summer because these greens like cooler weather. And mums. These flowers’ colorful, abundant blooms stand out during the fall when most other blooms have faded. Call me a geek, but I enjoy raking leaves, too.

Good Stuff in the Kitchen.

We make a lot of pumpkin bread this time of year, and I keep a few tubs of Cool Whip in the freezer to top our bread. Other seasonal household favorites include apple crisp and hot chocolate, and chili that has simmered all day in the slow cooker. I also spent some time earlier this month making applesauce with apples fellow blogger Elizabeth got from her family’s farm. Besides being delicious, half of the enjoyment comes from simply smelling these foods.

While we no longer live in an era in which we have to prepare for winter by preserving food and cutting firewood, I still like the feeling of fall. Baking loaves of pumpkin bread and filling my house with miniature gourds makes me feel like I’m preparing my home for the cold months. It gives me a sense of settling in, getting cozy and organized, and gearing up for holidays to come like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Regardless of the temperature inside my home, preparing for and celebrating fall makes it feel a little warmer. So bring on the pumpkins, the Indian corn, and the pie. Fall, I’m ready for you.

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