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With fall’s arrival, it’s time to start thinking not only about raking leaves and pulling the cardigans out of the spare closet. It’s also an ideal time to do some housekeeping and take care of the honey-do list. It’s time to get your home prepped for the holidays. While visions of Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas trees dance in your head, be sure to allot some time to get ready for the holidays with the following tasks:

Getting Ready For The Holidays

1.   Reorganize. Declutter the entire house. Clean counters go a long way toward making a home look nice, so clear as much as possible from bathroom and kitchen counters. Stash your Crock Pot and that seldom-used waffle maker in a large cabinet. While you’re at it, tackle the pile of papers in your entryway and recycle them or give them a home in a filing cabinet. Evaluate the playroom and kids’ bedrooms and throw away, sell, or donate any outgrown or unused toys, clothing, or other items. It will make room for new things they’ll receive at Christmas.

2.   Take stock of decorations. Pull your decorations out of storage a little early and make note of what you have and what you may need to purchase. Do your Christmas light strands all work? Can you get another year out of your old artificial tree? Need another stocking for the newest addition to the family? Or something to make a great table centerpiece when the family gathers at your place for Thanksgiving dinner? Buy these things early to save time and trouble during the busy holiday season.

3.   Get ready to entertain. Make sure you have plenty of seating, serving ware, and tables for resting drinks and plates. Don’t forget fluffy hand towels and a basket filled with extra toilet paper for the bathroom. Add greenery throughout the house with potted plants in the kitchen or garland and wreaths in the family room. You can also create easy, inexpensive holiday decorations by filling a pretty bowl with mini pumpkins or gourds for Thanksgiving, or use pine cones for Christmas.

Glass accent table from Seaside Glass Gallery.

4.   Give your home an all-around spruce-up. Take care of creaky door hinges, the leaky kitchen faucet, that wobbly staircase railing, and the toilet paper holder that fell off the wall months ago. Repaint walls if necessary. Rearrange the living room furniture like you’ve been meaning to do, and hang new photos or wall art. Show some love to your front porch. Paint the front door if it needs it, and add potted evergreens and seasonal wreaths or garlands for more curb appeal.

Once your house is in top shape, be sure to relax and spend plenty of time with family and friends this year. Enjoy your holidays!

What tips do you have for getting ready for the holidays?

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