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Have you heard of coffee milk? It’s a Delaware specialty that I learned about while enjoying the Food Network one day. I did a search the same day for a coffee recipe for coffee milk, but I misplaced it.

So I recreated it from memory.  It’s simple enough.

Easy Coffee Recipe

You’ll need:

  • equal parts brewed double strength coffee and white sugar

Boil in pan for 5-15 minutes depending on the consistency of syrup you prefer

Voila! Coffee syrup which can be added to milk to make what tastes like a store bought specialty coffee drink at a fraction of the price! The syrup can stay in your refrigerator for weeks, although mine never lasts more than one week, and that’s if I’m restraining myself.

*Side note, I use a specialty brand of coffee so my brew is actually quadruple strength, so just know the actual recipe can be varied by your own taste!


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