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You’re a parent now, but no fear; date night with a baby is possible and important!  As people grow more comfortable with another and start a family, sometimes romance begins to slip.  You may find your Friday nights at the Italian restaurant with the great fried ravioli are replaced by evenings at home wearing sweat pants and cutting your toenails in front of your spouse.  Get out of your lack-of-dates rut with these fun and budget-friendly ideas for date night on a budget:

Ideas for Date Night on a Budget

Head to an indoor or outdoor ice-skating rink and get ready for a terrific time.  It’s the perfect excuse to grab one another’s hands, slip and “oops” fall on one another and cozy up to keep warm while sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

Instead of a fancy wine bar, hit up the local dive.  Choose a place with a dartboard or pool table and challenge your man to some games.  My husband and I have done this a few times, and we always have a blast.

Lace up your tennis shoes and find the nearest rock-climbing gym.  Have a friendly race to the top of the wall.  Loser has to give the other a massage. Added bonus: it’s great exercise for a busy mom!

Visit a local farm and pick some fresh fruit!  Enjoy the day just the two of you, or invite some other couples.  Bring home your apples or berries and get creative in the kitchen.  Try some new recipes and enjoy!

Want to drink on the cheap?  Take a local winery or brewery tour and enjoy the tasty (free) samples.  While you get a little tipsy, pick up some wine facts and your favorite beer or wine for your upcoming dinner party.

Turn a classic date night into something out of the ordinary: find a drive-in movie theater.  Don’t forget to pack some pillows and blankets for the car so you’re nice and comfortable.  Hit up the grocery on your way and get your favorite snacks – they’ll cost you less than buying at the theater. Score some points by letting your man make the call on the movie du jour.

Go see a local live band. There’s a good chance they’re dying for an audience, and who doesn’t love live music?  It’s a win-win situation, and another one of our favorite things to do.  We save money on drinks by having one or two before we go.


Date night with a baby is still possible – and necessary. After all, eventually your kids will grow up and move out.  Adding a new member or two to the family doesn’t mean you’re homebound until your youngest child moves to the dorms.  Enjoy time as a couple with these fun and creative ideas that will save money (compared to fancy nights on the town) and provide a memorable night away from the kids.

 What ideas do you have to add for date night on a budget?
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