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There is a fine line between being prepared and being excessive when traveling with a baby. At least that is my initial assumption. We are heading to San Francisco from Chicago with our 5 month old, which is about a 4 and a half hour flight. This will be our baby’s first plane ride. Typically speaking I don’t over pack for trips, but I will admit I am at the very least over-thinking this one.I will be traveling with my husband (and our dog), which will make things easier. But just like with my labor and delivery hospital bag, I am trying not to forget the one thing I will wish that I had. Too bad I don’t already know what that is.

To add another wrinkle to the situation, I am a nervous flier- actually, no, I am a terrified flier. I take prescription anti-anxiety to help me cope. Fortunately (unfortunately?) the medication doesn’t render me unconscious, but it is one more reason why I prefer to be completely prepared. I just want to get on the flight and not need to think about anything.

I am not worried about the clothes or other checked items we are taking- there are stores if we have forgotten something important. For the plane itself I am carrying on one large purse and my Cybex baby carrier; I have listed the contents of the bag below for review:

Baby’s First Plane Ride Essentials

For Baby:

-Muslin blanket- in case there is a chill or we need to lay him down for any reason

-Sophie the Giraffe- he can chew on her head for hours

– Fabric teether- as a back-up slobber catcher

-A Ziploc bag with 5 diapers, small package of wipes, small tube of ointment, change of clothes, pair of socks and some plastic bags in the event the diaper is of the number 2 variety

-A small bottle cooler bag with one 8 ounce bottle and 16 ounces of powder formula, a bib, and a squeeze spoon for baby food

-An Itzy Ritzy snack bag containing 2 pacifiers, one pacifier clip, and a few wipes

-A small airtight container of dry infant oatmeal, two baby food pouches (organic bananas and mangos) with a twist on infant spoon

-A compact changing pad

-Pat the Bunny

-Baby’s birth certificate (required for baby plane travel per the airline)

For Me:

-My Blanket (yes, my scaredy cat self brings my security blanket-don’t judge)

-Gardetto’s (my flying snack of choice) and two Atkins bars

-Itzy Ritzy snack bag with my ID, Debit card, cash and lip gloss (not going down without a glossy lip!)


I have all of it tidily organized in one bag, which is also surprisingly light. I figure that by the time we land items will be everywhere and probably spilling out the top. But I feel good about the start!


Any items that you absolutely needed or should have checked in your luggage when you flew for your baby’s first plane ride?

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