My daughter, Cora, just turned 6 months old. It took me until she was almost 4 months old to start decorating a nursery for her! At first I was reluctant to get started on it, and even said that I wasn’t going to have a room for her just yet. I was still nervous after having 2 miscarriages. I was worried that something was going to go wrong with my pregnancy and I would be so incredibly sad to un-do anything that I had put together with her in mind.

But slowly, as my pregnancy progressed, I came around. I realized that we would need space for her and all her baby garb – babies come with a lot of STUFF. It was time to start decorating a nursery for her!
I started on her room when I was about 8 months pregnant, with the help of some friends. We transitioned our office into our dining room, Jack’s room into the office/guest room, and dedicated Jack’s little room to a nursery for Cora. It took a while for me to put it all together. I’m so happy with how it turned out!
Decorating a nursery for a baby can get really expensive. I try not to pay full price for most things, if at all possible. Cora’s nursery was relatively inexpensive for us to outfit because we already had the big stuff – her crib, rocking chair, and changing table. The crib and changer were saved from my son, and the rocker was my Grandma’s. For the bedding, I found a Pottery Barn Kids set on mega-sale (but I did splurge for the matching monogrammed pillow). I bought the decorative bins at Target, and a $20 rug from Ikea. Instead of a dresser, which wouldn’t fit in her tiny room, we used a very inexpensive hanging organizer for the closet – I think it was $12. I added a small shelf from Ikea to hold a Scentsy warmer and needlepoint.
Decorating a nursery is so fun and exciting. Here are a few photos of how Cora’s room turned out:

Decorating a Nursery for Baby Cora



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