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My husband and I just celebrated our second fake anniversary last week. We call it our “fake” anniversary because we actually got married in a quiet courthouse ceremony two months prior to our big bash. But the second ceremony was the one we celebrated with all of our friends and family, so it is still a really special day to us both. It was the day I officially left my life as a single mom and became a wife and stepmom too. In looking through our digital wedding photo files, I started to think back to the planning process. In retrospect, there are a few wedding ideas I would do differently.

Wedding Ideas I Wish I Would’ve Thought Of

Including to…

  • Act more like a diva. I think I was so focused on being a low-key, easy-going bride that I didn’t allow myself to fully enjoy all of the hoopla. I’m not saying I should’ve made my parents, or friends, or future spouse completely crazy with difficult demands, but I should have been more comfortable embracing the whole “it’s my day” concept. Planning a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime season of life (or is designed that way) so I think I would let myself revel in that fact a little more.
  • Buy more keepsakes. We have a magnet on our refrigerator that we handed out as a wedding favor to our guests. It features a quote from Maya Angelou about love recognizing “no barriers” and I appreciate the consistent reminder of what it truly means to be in the marriage trenches on daily basis. Other than photos and a few programs pressed in the bottom of a shoe box, that is really all that remains as a souvenir from the big day. Since then, I’ve seen other keepsake items like personalized frames and stumbled upon a great wedding monogram site and wished I had grabbed a few more tangible reminders of that day myself.
  • Say “thank you” even more. My parents played a big role in making my wedding day spectacular (both of them). But so did my in-laws. And my sisters-in-law. And our kids. Oh, and all my guests who came to celebrate. I know that the phrase “thank you” floated across my lips throughout the day, and in the days following, but I wish I had taken an extra few moments to show that I really, really meant it.

All in all, my engagement and wedding(s) were everything I had imagined and beyond. I have so many fantastic memories that still make me smile when they come to mind.  So maybe there are a few wedding ideas and details I’d approach in a different way — but I wouldn’t change the man I married and I’m pretty sure he’s keeping me too.

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