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Father’s Day is a great time to honor the awesome dads in our lives — past and present. For those of us with dads, grandpas, uncles and spouses that have passed away, it can be a bittersweet holiday but one that should be celebrated nonetheless.

LifeStory has a JFK page

A new site called LifeStory is attempting to preserve the legacies of loved ones by providing an online place to remember those that have passed. I looked around on the site and it is actually really cool.

There is a LifeStory page for President John F. Kennedy that had some really fascinating information, particularly as it related to his role as a father and son. I could definitely spend some time on this site learning about other people that I never even knew. It’s fascinating!

Right now through June 23, the site is running a campaign. If you create a LifeStory page, you will be entered to receive a hardback book of
your LifeStory posts and a 1 year subscription to Modern Widows Club Magazine (which would make a great gift if it doesn’t apply to you!).

The five LifeStory pages with the most posts and comments will win. The winners will be announced on the company’s Facebook page and notified by email, so head over and “like” them there too.

I think this site is a good answer for people (like me) who do not excel especially at making things like scrapbooks. It is a digital way to share memories amongst a larger group and have even more input on the life a person led. For people who lived before the dawn of social media, it provides the same sort of platform and allows other people the chance to share and reminisce. I think in a year or two, this could be the “next big thing” as far as social media memory making.

How do you honor those fathers that are no longer with you?

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