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Whether it’s your very first pregnancy, or your fifth, morning sickness is always a possibility. It’s frustrating and  troublesome, to say the very least.  The pregnancy queasiness affect about 70 percent of women in pregnancy and 50 percent or so actually vomit.  I had some minor queasiness with my first pregnancy, and it was much worse the second time around. Let me tell you, trying to care for a one-year-old, work full time and handling morning sickness wasn’t a walk in the park.

 To help you out during these days when worrying about must-haves for the hospital when you deliver seem like a decade away, I’ve compiled a list of some tips that (I hope) will help as you try to get through this challenging part of your pregnancy:

How You Can Be Handling Morning Sickness

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  • Smell fresh scents.  When you’re pregnant, your nose picks up every scent due to the high levels of estrogen.  Potent, ugly smells are likely to make you nauseous.  I can recall more than once when a co-worker cooked something unpleasant and the scent wafted throughout the office, making me gag into my trash can all morning.  To help make the nausea subside in instances like this, keep something fresh like a bottle of lemon extract in your bag so you can take a sniff if you can’t get outside for some fresh air.
  • Keep a nausea log. Yes, it sounds silly.  But it will help you identify what it is that’s making you gag.  Once you identify the culprit of your nausea, you can do anything it takes to avoid the source and keep your head out of the toilet.

  • Drink water.  When it comes to tips on handling morning sickness, this one is a must. When it’s hard to keep food in your belly, the thought of keeping down eight glass of H20 may seem like a goal that’s impossible to reach.  But you need to try.  It’s crucial to get liquids in because the more dehydrated you become, the more nauseated you’ll be.  If sipping water doesn’t do it for you, eat some ice chips or try to drink something hot.  Tepid temperatures seem to make people gag.  Ironically, I found with my first pregnancy, even the mere scent of coffee sent me running to the nearest toilet.  As a previous caffeine lover, I didn’t know how I’d ever drink it again.  But of course I did.  My second pregnancy, I found I actually wanted some (decaf) coffee. The trick was getting it from a drive-thru, where I didn’t have to smell it being brewed or touch and see the coffee grounds.  It’s strange, but true.  Just remember to watch how many milligrams of caffeine you consume.
  • Find foods that work for you and your pregnancy. Often times, the last thing is the world you want to do is eat if you’re feeling sick to your stomach.  But you need to figure out ways to get food in your belly.  Every mommy is different, and every tummy is different, too.  However, most women tend to find that foods like crackers, pretzels, almonds, and dry cereal soothe their nausea.  I loved Ritz crackers throughout both of my pregnancies; I’d tear through a sleeve a day!  I also kept almonds on hand, they were even on my nightstand.  They kept my nausea at bay and prevented me from getting overly hungry between meals.
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  • Find ways to consume ginger. While this is a trick I never tried, I have a lot of friends who consumed the root.  Ginger is well known as a tummy soother, so find ways to get it into your system.  Snack on ginger candy or gingersnaps or add a slice to some tea.
  • Be open to a holistic approach. The acupressure wristbands you used on your last cruise may serve another purpose: to ease your morning sickness.  The results have been mixed, and some women report relief.  Even if it’s just the placebo effect, if you’re feeling bad enough they’re worth a try.

Whether you’re battling morning sickness from your office cubicle or while watching your three-year-old at the park, it’s a terribly unpleasant part of many pregnancies.  These tips on handling morning sickness are compiled from my personal experience, and many other moms who have dealt with the same unpleasant symptoms as you and I.  Try to keep in mind that morning sickness does typically end at the end of the first trimester.  Before you know it, you’ll be trying to figure out the difference between Braxton Hicks and real contractions.  And in the meantime, use these tips on handling morning sickness and try to focus on the end result – a little baby you’ll get to hold in your arms in just a few short months!What have you done to help ease your morning sickness?

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