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Most moms are really easy when it comes to buying, or even making, gifts. A coffee mug, framed picture or even a hand-written card will suffice for a Mother’s Day gift. When it comes to gifts, moms really do abide by the mantra “it is the thought that counts.”

But what if you want to step it up a little bit for the moms on your list this year? Maybe this past year has been full of terrible two’s, or teenage angst, and you appreciate your own mom a little bit more. Maybe you are a dad looking for a good idea for the mother of your kids that shows her you view her as more than just that.

Here are some ideas for a Mother’s Day gift that will make any mom in your life feel appreciated:

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Wine Stopper Bling
  • Spa certificates. For most moms, a trip to the spa comes after every other item on the budget list. Actually, it probably doesn’t even have a budget line at all. Maybe you cannot afford to pay for an entire day of pampering, but shell out some cash for a half-hour massage or facial.
  • Wine. Not all moms drink, but for the ones who enjoy an occasional indulgence, look for a mid-to-expensive bottle of wine. Make an entire basket of wine accessories, including a bottle stopper or bottle opener, to go with the gift.
  • Digital frames. Instead of picking just one or two pictures to give to mom this year, spend the extra money on a digital frame that can store hundreds of photos. If you have enough, upload 365 — one for each day of the coming year.
  • Anything techy. It seems like dads often get the new gadgets for their birthdays or Father’s Day — but moms like technology too. Think about buying her an e-reader or new computer. If you aren’t sure what to get, or have a really limited budget, get her a gift card to buy her own items or downloads.
  • Jewelry. You really can’t go wrong here. Think about a necklace or bracelet with the birthstones of all her kids, or even small diamond earrings. Jewelry is not a “need,” but it is always nice to open an unexpected precious gem (or metal!).

I know that I would personally love ANY of these gifts — though I’ll be fine with a macaroni necklace made by my little ones too.

What luxurious gifts are on your Mother’s Day gift wishlist?

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