I’m finding that in my old age (almost 27, eek!) that it’s becoming harder and harder to make new friends.

I still have a few friends from high school, and they are great, as well as a few friends that I made at the company I worked for the past three years. I’m able to get together with them on occasion, kid free, and I always have a good time. But mom friends are another story.

Blogger/creator of Mumbling Mommy, Katie, and I are also friends. I’d definitely call her my first mom friend, as we met when she was about 20 weeks pregnant with her first and I was about 14 weeks with my first. We’ve stayed friends over the past 5+ years. But she lives about an hour away from us and with my 2 kids and her 4, getting together isn’t always possible.

So here I find myself, a young (I was kidding about that old age thing) WAHM who doesn’t have anywhere I absolutely HAVE to be on most days. My work can all be done on my own schedule, which usually translates to nap time or late evening. I’m actually finding myself having a little twinge of jealousy whenever I see groups of moms out with their kids.

Take today, for example. I met my husband for lunch at a park near his office, so my almost 5-year-old, Jack can play while we eat lunch together. There was a very large playgroup going on right nearby, and most, if not all of the moms
had babies that were around the same age as Cora. I couldn’t help but feel a little left out. Silly I know, because I haven’t taken the time to join a group like that. Same goes for a few weeks ago, Katie posted about leaving her purse at a play date on Facebook. I felt a little sad that I didn’t have any houses to leave a purse at.

I’m trying to open up more. I’m a very outgoing person to people whom I already know.  Meeting new people isn’t always my idea of a great time, though. It’s been tough in the past to find people with similar interests or traits (I’m relatively young, liberal, and not religious). I’m considering starting my own playgroup on Facebook. Many of my acquaintances from high school that I still see on Facebook also have young kids. I think I just need to make the effort to put myself out there.

Anyone else feel like they are caught in a bit of a limbo when it comes to friends?

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