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I love coconut oil. I have been using it on and off in a  variety of ways for a little over a year now. If you do a simple Google search on coconut oil you may very well be surprised by all of the uses yourself. It can almost be overwhelming at first. In general though, there’s practically nothing I don’t use it for. Seriously.

Diaper rash? Check.

Eczema? Check.

Conditioner? Check.

Cuticle cream? Check.

Grilling stir fry? Check.

Etc. Etc. Etc.

If you are going to start anywhere though, here are my favorite three uses for coconut oil, in no particular order.

Ways To Use Coconut Oil

1.     Wrinkles, stretch marks and scars: My very first use for coconut oil was my c-section incision and twin skin stretch marks. The results are near astounding. I continue to use it every day on my abdomen to help tighten the skin and keep my scars faint. I also used it post nursing to help with breast stretch marks and calloused nipples. Furthermore, I recently started using it on eye wrinkles. Several months of stress and insomnia has led to some very old lady looking eyes on my not even thirty years old yet self so something had to be done. I was hesitant to put “oil” anywhere near my face but was pleasantly surprised by the glow I get. My acne scars have started fading, my wrinkles tightening up and my skin overall looks healthy.

2.    Popcorn: Stove-top popcorn is one of the healthiest snacks around. Coconut oil can be used much more sparingly than other types of oil with the same results. It is considered a health fat compared to other options and can cut your popcorn calories in half when used in place of buttery or store bought microwave options. The combination of fresh popcorn kernels and coconut oil covered lightly in sea salt is a tasty treat you are sorely missing out on if you haven’t already tried it.

3.    Shaving: I had heard this tip over and over again and just never remembered to bring the tub of coconut oil into the shower with me. I finally remembered this weekend and gave it a try. No razor burn. Silky smooth legs. Easy. A nice close shave and still a few days later, nice and smooth. I will most definitely never be shaving with anything else again.

So what about you guys? What are your top uses for coconut oil? Plan on expanding that at all? I’d love to hear all the great things you do with this very versatile product.

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