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After traveling 3 times by airplane with my son, (2 times alone), I learned a few tips along the way.  Carrying less and planning your trip ahead makes your trip easier and more enjoyable for your family. Here are my suggestions for other moms who might have some travel anxiety when traveling with a baby:

5 Tips For Traveling With a Baby

1.  Pack early and research to where you are traveling.
Packing for a baby is definitely more work than just yourself, so plan ahead and pack a few days earlier than you normally would, This keeps the night before your trip less stressful.   Making a list of other items, and how much of each, can help with planning as well.  I recently went to Italy and Googled the cities I would be visiting, just to see if diapers and food needed to be packed.  There are cities that do not have diapers and food as readily available as you would have at home.  Also, the costs of these items maybe significantly higher than what you are used to paying.

2.  Use a backpack.
I learned it was easiest to combine my stuff with my son’s diaper bag items in a backpack with several compartments.  Here are some reasons why i prefer to use a back pack instead.  First,  it has several compartments in which I can store all of of my baby’s changing, food, and toy items.  There are also areas where I could put my items and a place to put my travel documents.  Last, I think a backpack is easier to carry in an airport and while sightseeing, plus it’s something mom and dad can both carry. I also stopped carrying my purse while traveling and used a wristlet or wallet.

3.  Go light on the baby gear.
A baby carrier (I use an ErgoBaby) makes life so much easier for me on a daily basis, and the same thing is true when you are going through the security line and boarding gate at an airport.  I purchased a Chicco C6 umbrella stroller, around $60-$70 dollars, because it was a basic, easy to carry, lightweight stroller and it comes with a travel bag and strap.  Another must-have item, car seats, are generally free to check. The last time I traveled we were able to rent one from the rental car company.

4.  Prepare for the plane.
My pediatrician recommended changing a baby’s diaper before boarding and to give him or her a pacifier or a bottle/nurse during takeoff and landing. That has been great advice and it has made my son much happier during our trips.  Some airlines will provide a bassinet if needed along with any other items.  The last airline we flew on provided us with a baby pouch with food, toys, changing items, and a blanket.  They even took a Polaroid picture of us on the plane for a keepsake!  I also recommend bringing your child’s favorite toy or blanket and keeping it somewhere very handy.

5.  Consider a travel baby crib.
I do have my own baby travel crib that I bring to trips to my parents’ home.  When we stay at a hotel, I always check to see if they have a crib available before I bring mine.  Its one less thing you need to carry.  The majority of the places we have stayed at have cribs for no additional costs.   You can always bring your own sheets for the crib if necessary.

What works for you when you’re traveling with a baby?

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