Lori Lori is a work-at-home mom of three living in Noblesville, Indiana.

I am a stay-at-home mom.  Still fairly new to the scene, my venture of being home with my children began after we welcomed my daughter, who is just shy of one, into the world. These days are so special to me, and I love being able to be home with them.

Although with that being said, I must admit that some of these days are a little tough.  With two kids two and under, it’s always busy.  We’re always looking for things to go do and see and ways to avoid being stuck in a rut here in our home.

The cast:
Me: A former Health Educator, turned freelance writing/editor/stay-at-home-mom/a lot of other things.

John: My husband who works for an insurance company. He has a home-based office, but does a lot of day traveling around Central Indiana.

Max: Our 2 1/2-year-old son.

Halle: My almost 1-year-old daughter.

I tried to make sure I could keep the descriptions to a
minimum, but easier said than done.  Here is a pretty typical day at our home:

Max (with the navy and orange jacket) loving the goat!


6:30 Alarm goes off…hit the snooze button like I do every morning.

7:00 Stumble out of bed.  Head to the rest room to brush my teeth, get dressed and put on a little makeup.

7:05 Wash my hair.

7:10 I head downstairs to start a pot of half-caffeine coffee.

7:15 I run back upstairs to get my crying daughter out of her crib.

7:17 Change her into a fresh diaper and nurse her.

7:25 Finish nursing right as my husband brings my son downstairs for the day.

7:26 Heat up pancakes and grab the syrup and some other food from the pantry.

7:30 Sit both kids at the table and serve them their breakfast of pancakes, Cheerios and dried blueberries.

7:31 Get both kids fresh drinks.

7:32 Retrieve said drinks from the floor.

7:33 Pour myself some COFFEE!

7:35 Start to make a bowl of cereal but both kids are yelling for more food.  So I cut up more pancakes and pick up cups off of the floor, along with some food that made its way to the floor.

7:40 Get my daughter out of her seat and rinse her hands off.  Dress her for the day.

7:45. Get my son out of his chair and cleaned up and dressed for the day.

7:47 Turn on Umi Zoomi, an educational children’s TV show my son loves.

7:50 I shovel my cereal into my mouth standing at our island while browsing the Internet.

7:52 Take the remote from my daughter who is changing the channel on the television, much to her brother’s protest.

7:55 Inhale the rest of my cereal.

7:56 Quickly wash and load the dishes from breakfast.

8:00 I realize my kids are no longer in the living room.  Find them in the office opening and closing the blinds.  Usher them back into the living room.

8:10 Finish cleaning up the kitchen counters and loading the dishes.

8:15 Sit on the couch for a few minutes and read to my daughter while it appears Max is watching TV.

8:16 Max has some issues with hitting.  I place him in his crib and resume reading to Halle.

8:18 Get Max from his crib and reiterate that we don’t hit.

8:25 Make our way to the basement to play.  The kids are not feeling the living room today.  We shoot some hoops and read more books.  The kids are having fun.

8:50 I decide we need to get out of the house today.

9:15 The kids are ready to be back in the living room. We sing ‘Clean Up, Clean Up” and (kind of) tidy up the basement.

9:17 I tell the kids we are going bye-bye.  Max excitedly grabs his shoes.  I put four shoes on four little feet. I hand Max his jacket and he attempts to put it on himself.  I fill the diaper bag with snacks.  I fill my own water. I double-check the diaper bag for diapers and wipes.

9:19 I strap Halle into her car seat.  I take her and Max to the garage and get them both in the car.

9:25 I go back inside to get the diaper bag, my purse and retrieve drinks for the kids.

9:28 Looks like we’re ready to go play!

9:45 We arrive at Conner Prairie.  Remember it doesn’t open until 10 a.m.  Talk with the kids in the car.  Halle cries.  Get her out and move her to the front seat with me and wish it was a warmer day so we could just sit outside.

10:00 Get in line to show our membership card with the two kids in the double stroller.

10:05 PLAY. Chase the kids from one play area to another.  We shoot baskets, read books, play with trains, eat play food, and pick fake apples from an apple tree.  Break up a few arguments between Max and other children.  I help Max milk the pretend cow. I sent a couple text messages.

11:00 Load the kids into the stroller and walk to the outdoor animal petting barn.

11:05 We arrive at the petting barn and realize Max has very little interest, just like previous visits.  He wants to run up and down the entrance ramp to the barn.  Problem is other people want to come in and he’s in the way.

11:15 After encouraging Max to play inside the barn and pet the baby animals with only a few moments of luck (he does hug a goat), I load Halle up and chase him around the outdoor area of Conner Prairie.

11:23 I wrestle Max into the stroller since he’s running away.  Shush a crying Halle.  Make our way to the car.

11:30 Max is loaded in the car.  A very sad and sleepy Halle wants to nurse.  I feed her in the front seat.

11:36 I strap Halle into her car seat.

11:40 We leave Conner Prairie.

11:41 Call my work-from-home husband to see if he is indeed at home, or out in the field. He’s home.  We have THE conversation. What’s for lunch?  We decide that he will throw a pizza in the oven.

11:56.  Arrive home.  Walk Max inside.  Make another trip out to get Halle out of the car.  She is sleeping in her car seat.

11:59 Make a third trip to the car to retrieve the diaper bag, my water and a coffee cup.

12:04 My husband comes downstairs and pulls the pizza out of the oven.  I wake Halle and change her diaper. She isn’t happy with her short nap.

12:07 Sit both kids at the table.  Cut up pizza, slice a banana and grab a container of yogurt for the kids.

12:14 Sit down to eat my piece of pizza.

12:14 Realize Max had thrown his water cup.  Run out to the car to get it. It’s empty.  Fill his cup with fresh water.

12:16. Sit down to take a second bite of pizza.  Halle starts crying.  Get up to make her some formula.

12:18 Give Halle her formula.  Take my third bite of pizza.

12:20.  As I finish my first bite, both kids are already throwing food on the floor. Tell them to please not throw their food and to keep eating.  Both kids ignore our pleas.

12:21 My husband and I tag team picking up said food from floor, cleaning the sauce with a wipe.  I take Halle’s tray off and carry it to the sink.  He takes Max’s tray to the sink.  We both grab a kid and wash their hands.

12:26 Sit down to start another piece of pizza as the kids decide they are ready to play.

12:32 My husband goes up to work.  I clean up the kitchen, washing and loading dishes.

12:33 Halle makes her way to me, crying at my pant leg to be picked up.  The rest of the cleaning can wait.

12:34. I sit in the living room with the kids.  We play with toy after toy.

12:55.  Diaper changing time!  Two kids, two new diapers.

12:59 We march up to the kids’ cribs.  Both kids go down easily.

1:01 I finally have a moment to use the restroom.

1:03 I start a load of laundry.

1:05 I sit down at the computer to work.  There is a lot that needs done but I have some deadlines.  (Working from home is convenient and a huge blessing, but sometimes tricky when you know your house is a total pit).  I research and write about Twitter Vine.  I respond to several emails related to work.

2:17 I remember the sheets in the washer and run to throw those into the dryer.

2:20 I pop on Facebook for a few minutes.  I email off two articles to two different people I write for. I proofread some pieces for another person.

2:58 I hear Halle yelling.  I go up and get her from her crib.  The dryer is buzzing.

3:00 I sit Halle on the floor of the laundry room. She cries. I check the stuff in the dryer. It’s not dry.  I clean the lint trap and start the dryer again.

3:02 I console a crying Halle. We sit on the couch. I nurse her and read some stuff on Facebook.

3:08 Halle is done nursing. I get her a bowl of Cheerios to eat.  I cut up a few grapes for snack.

3:13 I carry Halle upstairs.  Max is still asleep but I wake him.  He’s been taking long naps, then staying up late at night in turn.  He’s not happy. The dryer is buzzing again. I need to use the restroom.

3:15 I pick up a crying Max.  I contemplate letting him sleep for longer. But he’s already been down for two hours.  I distract him with some puzzles we have in his room. He cheers up a bit.

3:20. I bribe the kids down the stairs with promises of grapes (sounds funny- someday I will wish grapes can be used as bribery!).  I try to keep them off the second floor since my husband is working up there.

3:22 I get both kids seated with grapes on their trays. I start to spray some cleaning on the cabinets.

3:23 The loud buzz of the dryer reminds me to check on my laundry.

3:24 I pull sheets out of the dryer and throw them in a pile on the couch.

3:26 I return to the kitchen. The kids are both whining for more grapes.  I dump more grapes on their trays and do a shoddy job of cleaning the kitchen counters.

3:30 Grapes are making their way to the floor. I decide this means they’re done. I take off each child’s tray and wash their hands.

3:33 Flip on the TV for Max. He wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I am happy with his selection.

3:35 I quickly clean off the trays.

3:38 Max is bored with the show and Halle keeps trying to get his attention. He’s annoyed.

3:42 The crying and fighting is making me tired.  I declare we’re going on a walk.  We grab shoes, jackets and crackers and drinks. I take a few minutes to get kids’ coats on. I realize I didn’t change diapers after naptime.

3:44 I grab new diapers and change the kids by the door.  They’re not thrilled.  Trash the diapers and wash my hands.

3:47 We go into the garage and get in the wagon.  I grab the garage door opener from my car.  I park the kids in the wagon and make sure it won’t move.  I need my cell phone.

4:00 We arrive at the park. I don’t know anyone there today. But there are a few moms with young children.  The toddler swings are full. Darn it!

4:01 I hold Halle and Max runs around. We chase him.  Halle wants down. But I don’t want to put her down.  We have a power struggle.

4:04 Max runs towards the basketball hoops where some bigger kids are playing.  They stop in their tracks. He thinks he’s twelve.  They smile and laugh but I can tell are eager to resume their game of two on two.

4:06 I finally have to carry him away kicking and screaming and he refuses to hold my hand.  Bribing him with crackers didn’t work.

4:09 The toddler swings are open!  Hooray!  I sit Max on the ground and put Halle in one of the swings.  Max bolts.

4:10 I catch Max and tell him that he can swing!  He kicks and screams, “Want play basketball!”  I load him in the wagon, hand him water and crackers.  He calms down.

4:13 I get Halle out of the swing. She throws a baby tantrum.

4:14 I load her in the wagon. Hand her a cracker.  Sigh. I am sweating despite the dreary, cool day.

4:17 We leave the park. I decide we’re not going home. I am going to take a long walk.  The kids are happy and we could all use the fresh air.  Plus, I need some exercise.

4:22 I stop to hand the kids more crackers.  We point at a pond and talk about the ducks that say quack.

4:24 I continue walking.  I point out things along the way.  “There’s a car.”  “Look at that BIG tree!”

4:48 We arrive at home.  I hope it’s a day that daddy can close up shop right at 5 pm.

4:50 I unhook Max and tell him to go inside.  I unbuckle Halle and see Max running down the driveway. I catch him!  “We’re going inside, buddy!”  Shrieks of protest.  I carry both kids inside. I figure I will go out for the snacks and drinks later.

4:53 The TV is back on, this time to Dora.  I sit Max up and help him get a game going on the iPad and he is happy again. He plays Monkey Lunchbox.  Halle tries to play, too.  Max isn’t too happy.

4:55 I sit down with Halle.  We hug babies, I pour us pretend cups of tea and she uses me as a jungle gym. I give her lots of hugs and kisses.  Max decides to join in the hugs and kisses.

5:01 John walks down the stairs and has the illusion I am Supermom.  He asks how my day was. I laugh and say it’s been great. I tell him about our day.

5:10 John plays with the kids. I start dinner. We’re having tacos.  I haven’t been doing much cooking lately, so I am sure everyone will be happy.  Tacos are easy and good and everyone will eat them!  I put water on to boil. I get the chicken ready.  I pull out the taco seasoning.

5:15 The water is boiling, in goes the chicken.

5:17 The kids are in the kitchen.  John grabs them raisins. Halle is crying on my leg. I yell at John to either cook or please get Halle so I can!

5:18 John takes the kids to the basement.

5:30 The meat is done, chicken is seasoned. I pull out shells, cheese, Rotel tomatoes and some pre-made guacamole (for me).

5:31 John brings the kids upstairs.  We put them in their seats.  I serve them chicken without the seasoning and we rip up tortillas and give them shredded cheese.  John runs downstairs for Max’s water. I pour Halle a cup of almond milk.

5:35 I sit down with a taco.  Halle throws her cup. I give it back to her. She does it two more times. I set it on the table.  Max pushes all his food off his plate. John and I yell not to do that. He starts crying and throws his water.

5:37 I take Max’s tray off and clean him up while John picks up food from the floor. Halle starts throwing hers, too. I swear the kids don’t eat.

5:42 I sit down to eat.

5:50 John plays with the kids while I clean up.

6:10 Clean up complete.  I head to the basement where we play until 7 pm.

7:00 Time for Wheel of Fortune!  We watch it as a family every night. Although the kids do a lot of playing and wresting and generally don’t pay attention to the show. Max does like to check out the letters on the TV screen though.

7:30.  We skip bath time.  They had one last night.  Two diaper changes and two changes into PJ’s.  I throw the dirty diapers out and put the clothes in the laundry room.

7:33 We play. We snuggle. We read. We hug and kiss.  Max is slap happy.  Halle is crying.

7:56 We take the kids up to bed.  Halle is practically asleep as I carry her up the stairs.  Max protests a little, but he’s a good boy when it comes to going to bed.  We give the kids hugs and kisses.

8:02 I make my way into the bathroom to get ready for bed, take a shower and put on comfortable clothes.

8:30 I sit down to work. I write a blog post.

9:42 I head down to the basement to relax with my husband.  I pull out the iPad and browse Facebook, eBay and check my email. I respond to some text messages.

10:14 We watch a DVR’d show.

11:05 My husband wakes me. I had passed out during the middle of Modern Family! We head up to bed. I fall asleep already thinking of the cup of coffee with Carmel Macchiato creamer I will have the following morning.

Thanks for reading!

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