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While expecting my first child Max, I created my long list of baby must-haves.  John and I shopped, gifts poured in from our generous friends and family and we welcomed hand-me-downs.  My sister gave us several big-ticket items and actually passed me two of her baby carriers, the Bjorn and the Ergo (lucky us!).

The carriers have definitely been put to good use.  I had not put much thought into the types of carriers that were available prior to her passing them my way.  But after receiving the carriers from her and watching the accompanying DVD of directions, I decided I was interested in attachment parenting.

I read up on the philosophy.  Hands down, I realized that baby carriers — the Bjorn, the Ergo, the Moby, whichever you prefer — are amazing in more ways than one. Blogger Rachael included a baby carrier or sling in her list of her top five baby gear picks, and I definitely agree.


Here are some other reasons, besides simply convenience, to let your little one ride in a carrier:
  • Promotes physical development: When a baby rides in a sling, he or she is in tune with the rhythm of mom’s breathing, heartbeat and the movements she makes.  The sling is comparable to a ‘womb’ for the new baby who still is unable to control his or her body
  • Happier babies: Babies fuss and cry less when they are being held.  Indigenous cultures always wear their babies, and almost never cry.  Excessive crying is exhausting for babies and parents alike. When babies spend less energy crying, they have the ability to observe and learn about their environment. Slings provide the security of being held close.
  • Slings are a bonding tool for more than just moms: Baby wearing is not just for mommies.  Every adult in baby’s life can benefit from the useful tool.  Babies learn to get used to their father or grandparents breathing and heartbeat forging a strong attachment and giving time to cuddle.

I am glad my second born Halle now enjoys riding in the carrier so much, and it makes me happy knowing the sense of security it provides her.  Her days of loving it are numbered, as I anticipate the days of a busy crawling girl are on the horizon.  While I realize she won’t stop riding in it the second she can crawl or walk, I do know that she will likely want to be down with her big brother exploring.  And honestly, she’s so heavy I am not sure how much longer I will be able to comfortably carry her for an extended period of time.

For now, though, no matter how sore my shoulders are from her 18-pound body, I plan to continue carrying her (now that she faces outwards) so she can see the world around her.


The Bjorn has truly been my lifesaver.  I have carried her while shopping for groceries, strolling through the mall, vacuuming, on a walk while pulling Max in a wagon, at Gymboree classes…you name it, I have done it.  Of the overwhelming number of baby ‘necessities’, I think the carrier is the biggest Godsend.

What has been your biggest baby necessity?

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