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Father’s Day weekend is upon us and dads everywhere will get some much-deserved recognition.

As moms, we depend on the dads in our lives to encourage us, support us and yes — jump in and change poopy diapers when its needed. We asked our readers to tell us about a great dad in their lives. Our bloggers also weighed in. Here are the responses:

Stefany’s “superhero” husband and son

“My special Dad is my husband. My own father was an example of what not to do. I love that my husband is very hands on and loves to come home and immediately spend his evening with his son. He gives me alone time when I need it, and even stops doing his fun stuff to tend to him. I look forward to watching him teach my son stuff as the years go on.” — Sheri V.

“My husband is an incredible dad. He spends all of his free time with his kids. He will sacrifice himself to make others happy. He’s also a gentleman who goes out of his way to hold doors for people and has a very generous heart.” — Mami2jcn

“My special “dad” is my husband. He is the most attentive, loving father to our 2 year old son. Every single day he makes time for him…whether it be reading to him, playing ball or dressing up like a Superhero! He’s a smart, athletic & FUN dad!” — Stefany

Katie N. and Richard

“My biological father left me when I was five years old. When I was six, my mom met a man who would forever change our lives. His name is Richard and he stepped in and filled the position that so many men run from. When life got hard, he stayed. When my brothers and I turned out to be crazy, wild children and then teenagers, he stayed. When my mom went through menopause at the same time I was a hormonal teenage girl, he stayed. When my mom became wheelchair ridden due to debilitating arthritis, he stayed. You don’t have to be a man to father a child. My Richard is an incredible MAN that I am proud to call Dad.

A month before I got engaged to be married, my Richard got news that shook us to our cores. He had breast cancer. All he could think about was getting better so he could walk me down the aisle. After months of chemotherapy and radiation, my Richard walked me down the aisle of the same church he married my mother in and his parents also married in. He was bald and weak, but he smiled like it was his own wedding day. He’s the strongest, most courageous man I know. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to put it into words. (Many fewer words than he deserves.)” — Katie N.

From our bloggers —

“There are so many amazing men in my life. My grandfather died when I was just 6 years old. I vaguely remember my relationship with him but when I try to picture it, I see the relationship my own father has with my three girls, specifically with my oldest. She is definitely a Papa’s girl. My dad is of course a great dad but more than anything now, I see him as an amazing grandfather. His heart is so full and he would do anything for them.

I can’t very well leave this without mentioning my remarkable husband. Plenty of dad’s would take hands off approach but not my guy. He has stepped up from day 1 being my backbone and my support. He has never once questioned having daughters over sons. He helped me create three beautiful daughters and continues to help me turn them into the best people they can be!” — Heather C.

Rachael’s dad with her daughter Megan

“My special dad is my own dad. He built a swing set for me as a kid and took me for bike rides that always seemed to end with root beer floats at Dairy Queen. He sacrificed to provide me with a good education and was an example for me as I sought my own husband, who is also a great dad, and now my dad is a great grandfather to my two daughters. ” — Rachael

“What makes my Dad great is the pains he took to raise me well even when I fought against it.  Twenty years later now I thank him regularly for making me check in, honor a curfew, bring newspaper articles to the dinner table for discussion, use cloth napkins and MANNERS.  As a parent now I can see how the training and structure really does shape a strong life.  My kids are too little now to look up a word they do not know, but you betcha I will do that too when they are older.  THANKS DAD!

And for my husband?  He is a great dad to our girls becaseu he NEVER hands them off to me with a weak excuse that I do it better.  He does everything I do, play, dress, diaper, feed (just not bfing! LOL) etc.  He is so active and involved and I have so much respect for him becasue of it.  A real man knows how to father.  (But the mamas HAVE to get out of the way for this to happen!” — Heather Novak

“I was blessed to have a very supportive and present father growing up. He rarely raised his voice and taught me more by way of example than he ever did with words. When I had my first daughter, I faced a future parenting without a father figure for her. I made the best of it and did the best I could and was amazed at how many “unofficial” fathers stepped up to be a part of my daughter’s life — from grandpas, to uncles, to friends of mine. I got married last June and my husband adopted my daughter in August. We added another little girl to our family last month and watching my husband interact with her has been a gift, to say the least. I feel doubly blessed to share the parenting experience from the start with such a hands-on dad, especially since I know the difference.” — Katie

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