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A few weeks ago, we asked our readers for responses to this prompt…

“I’m a good mom because…

Since Mother’s Day is this weekend, we can all use a good pat on the back, right?

To encourage all of you to say something nice about your role as a Mommy, we ran a contest for a $50 Panera gift card and entered everyone who responded to the prompt.

Congrats to Jenna H. — she is the winner! We picked her name randomly from a hat… literally. We hope that you enjoy your Panera gift card — courtesy of Mumbling Mommy and Padilla Home Inspections and Handyman Services.

Here are our reader responses, and a few responses from our bloggers.

Have a very Happy Mother’s Day! You deserve it!

I’m a good mom because …

“I’m a good mom because I allow my kids to be themselves. Both of my kids are very stubborn, but instead of getting angry with them ALL THE TIME I give them choices so they can still be in control of their choices. When they are older their stubbornness will help them fight for what is right.”

Jenna H.

“I am a good Mom because … I encourage my kids to be creative and try to explain the how and why of everything. I want them to be inquisitive and creative with everything.”

Christina W.

“I am a good mom because … I fiercely love my children and because of that, they feel loved, secure and most importantly, happy.”

Katie N.

“I am a good mom because I have learned the art of sacrifice. Sometimes I really WANT the biggest cookie, but give it up for one of my kids.”

Jen V.

“I am a good mom because I love my children to pieces, we spend lots of quality time together, and I cherish everything about them. I know I am so blessed to have them.”

Beth R.

“I am a good Mom because I was a parent before I was a friend. Now I am a friend to my grown up children.”

Carol L.

“I am a good mom because I make sure that even though I work, I am never to busy to spend quality time with my child.”

Melissa B.

“I realized I was a pretty good mom after watching my grown son with his first child. It warms my heart to see him have such patience and understanding, I know now that he had to have learned it from his own childhood. I always thought that I was too hard on him and that when he had his own kids he would do things differently. Thanks son for making me a grandma, it truly is a wonder.”

Pat H.

From our bloggers:

“I am a good mom because I am raising my daughters with love and with the future in mind. The ultimate goal of parenting is daunting. We hope to shape our children into responsible, compassionate, productive, God-fearing adults who will be good citizens in their communities and eventually good parents themselves. The best way I know to do this is through small, daily steps. Each day, I share my faith with my daughters, read to them, answer their questions, hug them, play with them, teach them, feed them nutritious food, model a good relationship with my husband, snuggle them, and love them. I do the best I can with the resources I have and trust that God will take care of the rest.”


“I am a good mom because I readily admit when I am not.  I apologize to my girls for being too crabby, too hard on them.  I put myself in time out beside them on THOSE days.  I pray with them and ask God to help me be kinder and more patient the same time I pray for them and their obedience, kindness, etc.  I know I am not perfect at anything, especially motherhood and that is OK.  We are all learning, growing and changing TOGETHER… P.S. I am also a good mom because I usually let them ‘help’ even thought it is slower messier and decidedly less than helpful, but it is good learning for all of us and guides them into the future!”

Heather N.

“I am a good mom because I take care of myself. In order to be the best mom I can be I must be at my personal best. I have to have a clear mind and a healthy body. The time I spend running or doing yoga is time away from my children now but it’s time I can give them in the future when I’m still around in 50+ years. The time I spend reading my own stories gives me the motivation and energy to read their stories for the 6,000th time. Yes, I am a good mom because I have the ability to know when it’s okay to be a little selfish.”

Heather C.

“I’m a good mom because my kid loves me! Despite all of what I think are my shortcomings as a mom, he still seems to think I am the best ever. He runs to me and only me if he gets hurt.

I like to think I let him be his own person. I try to help him keep his behavior in check, but if it’s not hurting him or someone else, I try to let him do as much as possible. I see every day as a learning opportunity for him .  Plus, he know what e-mail and texting are. Never too young, right?”


“I’m a good mom because I do not take myself too seriously in the role. Yes, I realize the awesome responsibility that accompanies being a parent, and in my case, a step parent. But I know that I don’t have all of the answers. I don’t pretend to have all of the answers. I admit if I make a mistake and I let myself learn from my children. In the short years that I have been a mom and stepmom, I’ve been humbled, embarassed and brought to my knees on several occasions. And I’m a better person for it. I’m a good mom because I embrace the journey — every part of it — and it makes for a happier home for myself, my husband and my kids.”


“Our website coordinator tasked us with finishing the above sentence. This request has challenged some of my deep fears and regrets.  Now that my three amazing kids are full grown adults, I can’t help but wonder at times if they accomplished this feat despite me.

I know that they never doubted my love, my concern, my fierce protection against verbal attacks directed at them, my attempts at giving them learning opportunities, and “feeding” their gifts.  But, was that enough?

They all have generous and caring souls.  They are all employed and are good parents, aunts and uncles, neighbors and employees. And they offer concern and assistance to their dad and I (particularly for me in regard to the internet and my cell phone). They stood by both of us as we each lost our remaining parent. I truly believe that they are much better people than I.  They have shown maturity and responsible behavior much sooner than I ever did.  (Bruce & I hitchhiked the country spreading the Good News, living on a “shoestring”… but having great adventures for several years).

You’ll have to ask them if I was a good mom. All I know is that I cried alongside them when dreams dissolved.   I sat with them throughout fussiness, thunder storms, bad dreams, break ups, lost opportunities, and poor choices. They fill my heart and my thoughts.   I am proud of who they are.  And, if somehow I had anything to do with who they have become….I guess I may just be a good mom.”


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