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As I type this, my daughter (blogger Katie) is in labor with our newest grandchild. I have been getting text updates throughout the day.

This was a good day for this to happen. I’m not allowed to take a cell phone into work. But today is primary election day, and since I’m a state employee, I had the day off.

The newest family member!

So, I have been able to track the progress.

When my daughter was still in the euphoric “Hooray, it’s finally happening mode,” I texted that since it was election day, perhaps Erinn will be President of the United States someday. Her older brother could be the Chief of Staff, her oldest sister could lead the Joint Chiefs, her next sister could be Secretary of State, and her Indiana cousin is perfect as her campaign director.

And I, proud grandma, could provide charming conversation at the White House parties.

However, the more I thought about this … it wasn’t such a comical thought.

I will support whatever route each child takes, but the high profile political and media world appears to have a tendency to drain one’s soul. It appears to cause truly talented and gifted people to guard every word they speak, to be wise about with whom and where they are seen, and to not upset sponsors and supporters. It appears to make their loved ones open game for public comment and humiliation. The perks can be awesome, but I’m not so sure that I want that life for any of my sweet grandchildren. This sounds so much better …

I want each of them to find jobs that task their individual gifts.

I want them to visit places that thrill their senses.

I want them to fall deeply in love with a soul that loves them just as much.

I want them to learn that setbacks, heartache, and loss are generally temporary.

I want them to become the amazing person that fits their destiny and dreams.

l want them to know that even in dark moments, our life can still gleam with hope.

I want them to know that life isn’t about the title we carry, but rather, the love, hope, and joy we bring to others.