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Okay. Most of us like quirky quizzes….so let’s have some fun.

Here is a list of some common daily/weekly activities that we do.
First, pick out the 3 – 5 items that you really enjoy — the ones that make you feel alive and energized.

Cuddle and read a book with the kids/grandkids

Text/call/e-mail your best friend

Sing in the shower

Make your family their most favorite meal (and sit down to eat with them)

“Snuggle with the kids and let the dishes soak”

Get carry-out and watch a movie with your family







Make the family doctor/dentist/school/playgroup, etc appointments

Hold your lover’s hand

Take a nap

Go to breakfast or lunch with your best friend

Walk the dog

Pick up the dog do-do

Grocery shop

Do the laundry

Teach or lead a group

Coach a team

Volunteer at church

Drive the kids to their activities

Pay the bills/juggle the finances

Earn a paycheck to help your family

Placate friends and family who get offended

Show someone how to do what you’re good at

Go to garage/rummage sales ….get that treasure!!

Marvel at a sunset, a body of water, the fragrance of a flower

Watch the neighbor kids when their mom needs a break

Okay, now pick the 3 to 5 things that you actually do often but aren’t exactly tasks you look forward to or anticipate with gleaming joy.

Now compare the amount of time you spend on the items you love to do, with the time you spend doing the items you don’t enjoy so much.

Let’s be real…I’m not seeing your answers.

My hope is that you are happy to see that you are choosing to select the best and most energizing activities to dominate your days.

Life moves quickly.  Monday morning comes and in a blink of an eye we are at the weekend already.

For a moment, see yourself immersed in doing the tasks that make you glow with energy and joy.  This is what you love.  This is the real you.  This is what you have to share with your family, neighborhood and the world.

Reality may indicate that you cannot be the real you.  But I urge you to fight that thought.  Take “Real Me” breaks now and then…break into song, call your best friend and laugh,  snuggle with the kids and let the dishes soak,  let the sun warm you and breathe in fresh air, write a poem, give to a charity.

Live and be you….we only get one chance.

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