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My twins around the age of one

It goes back to when I was substitute teaching and one of the other teachers asked how far along I was.  I proudly said I was 12 weeks. She looked at me with her jaw dropped and said, “WOW, are you having twins?”  I looked back at her as if she were speaking Portugese.  I quickly replied, “I sure hope not. It’s my second and I’ve heard there is more room for your second so you start showing more quickly.”

She sure got me thinking though.  I was a lot sicker this time around and I DID look a lot bigger than when I was 12 weeks with my first.  At my Dr.’s appointment, my husband and I went with the intention of bringing this up.  The Dr. listened for the heart beat and he said that he did hear two heart beats but that when he hears two it often means he is hearing an echo.  He wrote a script to have a 14-week ultrasound. The Dr. proceeded to say the 4 words I dreaded hearing: “It might be twins.”  This really freaked me out.Once outside the Dr.’s office, my husband said “We are for sure having twins.  A Dr. that has over 30 years in practice doesn’t just say it might be twins if he doesn’t feel it’s really, really likely.”  I said that we should just wait and see at the ultrasound.

We had to wait a couple days to get an appointment with the ultra sound department.

The big day came.  Both my husband and I went to the appointment.  The ultrasound tech asked why we were told to get an ultra sound.  I retold the story of how the Dr. heard two heartbeats.  The room was extremely quiet as we waited.  “There’s one” she said and then I will never forget when she put up two fingers and I exclaimed “Oh my G-d”.  My husband Chris said “It will be ok honey.”

The tech said everything looked good and told some story of twins that I was totally glazed over for.  She left the room and I started to cry.  I was the one that always said to my friends that had twins “I don’t know HOW you do it, I couldn’t do it.”  I KNEW how hard it was going to be.  I KNEW what we were in for.  I had a flood of emotions about whether my 1 ½ year old son would be ruined since he would be bombarded with two new babies in mere months and how much attention this is going to take away from him and how this seems so unfair to him.  I continued to cry.  Chris continued to say we would be ok.

As I started to tell friends and family, everyone thought it was so “cool.” Oooh and ahhh all you want but this was not “cool” news to me.  I was disappointed, scared, and sad.

Alas, the girls will turn three in July and I do feel accomplished when I state the stats of my family: I have a son that will turn 5 in May and twin daughters that will be 3 in July.  I usually get instant respect and lots of street cred (as I should).  Of course they all fight and take toys from one another but when I hear them tell one another “I love you” or when they hug it warms my heart to no end.  I love to hear the twins’ preschool teacher tell me that although they engage in different activities, they always have an eye on the other one and never let each other out of sight.  I have always been grateful I have a sister and now I feel as if I have given each of them the best gift in the world.

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