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It’s the first of March — almost spring!

Which brings to mind an old springtime tradition…. the cleaning.

Time for a new toothbrush

I’ve already started some cleaning projects in my house and have made a list of others. Should I wait for spring to do any of these things? Probably not. But it is nice to have a reason to freshen up the house a bit and clear out some old things to make room for new.

Here are three quick and inexpensive way to spruce up your house this spring. What you do beyond this is between you and the dust mites.

1. Replace toothbrushes. Maybe you are one of those people who changes toothbrushes religiously, on schedule.
I am not, in the sense that I do not mark it on the calendar. The American Dental Association suggests that you change out your toothbrush every three to four months, and more often for children. If you are still using the toothbrush that you packed to go visit family for Thanksgiving, it’s time for a new one.

2. Change out rugs/mats. When was the last time you got a new bathroom rug? How about the one by your front door? Many big-name stores are rolling out spring and summer lines which often means sales to promote the new items. Not picky about color or theme? Head for the clearance shelves first. A lot of items have to be cleared out to make room for the new things and you can find great markdowns.

3. Organize and purge your cleaning products and old cosmetics. This is a great time to go through all of your cleaning products and get rid of the ones that may be outdated or nearly empty. You may also want to reorganize them, especially if it has been awhile since you looked at what you have. Cosmetics should also be assessed from time to time. A tube of mascara should not be kept longer than six months and you risk eye infection if you hold on to it longer. Know what items have expired and which ones simply are not your style anymore. Who doesn’t love getting new beauty items anyway?

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