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My fridge had become “rubber-glove” worthy

Yes, the day had come.  I could no longer deal with the outdated
containers, the sticky portions on the shelf where some long-forgotten meal, or “I’ll eat that tomorrow” item had been stored. I emptied everything out of the fridge, removing the shelving and drawers as I went, plopping them into hot sudsy water.

Until I got to the green olives jar.  This is no small-time olive jar. This was a large version of green olives from a warehouse grocery outlet. We like green olives at our house.  We need the big jar.

Somehow, I had managed to put it on the very top shelf and it was wedged there.   I tried pulling the shelving forward as far as I could, but the jar was still wedged.  I couldn’t get the shelving out because the jar was too tall.

I tried several creative maneuvers, kneeling up inside of the refrigerator, while my other jars, vegetables, leftovers surrounded me wondering if they’d ever be returned to their nice clean home.

I was irritated.  Here I had this great plan to clean and freshen a portion of my kitchen, and this green olive jar intruded.  I finally texted my husband of 38 years with this daunting issue, and he advised that he’d be home in about an hour.  He hoped I could last until then. He’s used to me.

At that point, it was finally funny.  So many times in our marriage I have gotten myself “worked up” over some perceived wrong or slight or manufactured frustration.   Then Bruce will say, “I’ll take care of it.   Just calm down, Honey”. I will admit that during some perceived incidents I have not responded well to his quick assurance.   “He obviously doesn’t understand.  He is minimizing my concern.”  And yet, he has a good record of helping me work through whatever the issue is.

There was a portion of my life where I was overly concerned about what everyone else thought about me, our family, our choices.  It’s a sad way to live.  I’d let one “odd comment” or probing question throw me into all kinds of mental battles.  Everything else revolving in our lives was doing well, and I’d get hung up on this one item….or shall I say a “big old jar of green olives.”

It’s not a healthy habit. Fortunately, I’ve grown (some).  I don’t get agitated as quickly anymore.   And I’m thankful for Bruce’s ability to stay calm and help me work through things.  Everyone needs an honest and open accountability partner….be it a spouse, friend, child, or neighbor.  We all get a little rattled at times, and it’s good to see the issue from another angle.  And yes, it took him exactly 30 seconds to get that jar out.  He pulled the shelf out as far as it could go, pushed the jar off the back and caught it with his other hand.

Sometimes that accountability partner is able to see things from another angle…and that’s all we need.

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