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A few weeks ago, Maddie blogged about wanting to find the right hobby. I find myself in her shoes as I write this…

It was recently brought to my attention that I don’t have a hobby. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have known this for many years. Once I even printed out a list of hobbies hoping that something would jump out at me but nothing did. I also researched the local ski and sport club to experiment with different activities but it didn’t pan out. Let’s face it, I was not that interested in playing a sport though I desperately wanted to find some sort of hobby. Then I tried to think of non-athletic hobbies but I don’t sew or play the piano.Fast forward 5 years, and a divorce later, and raising a 2-year-old mostly on my own. I have every other Saturday night and Sunday free to catch up on life. Honestly, I have not sought out a hobby since I became pregnant. It has not even crossed my mind, let alone consume my mind like it used to.

When I was forced to face the truth this weekend I was taken aback that people thought I should have a hobby at this point of my life. For the next 3 hours I tried to remember the list of possible hobbies that Yahoo told me I could have. Still, 5 years later, nothing is sticking. I then spent the next few days checking in with friends about their hobbies. Maybe they had an interest in something that I had not thought of yet. After surveying other moms, I realized that I am not alone in lacking a hobby. Phew!

As I asked different moms about their own hobbies, it actually started a great conversation! Everyone sort of laughed and sarcastically said, “Sure, in my spare time!” But then an interesting point was brought up: How and why do most dads have free time?!

Now I know that I am a little jaded because my ex’s passion about his hobby was a factor in our divorce but my current plus one has a few hobbies that take the front burner in his life. When I spoke with my mom friends they listed their husbands’ hobbies or their husbands’ strict gym schedule. How is this possible? So are my mom friends and I the only ones without time for a hobby? And do your husbands or significant others have hobbies? If yes, is that fair?

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