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Bumbo seat, via Target.com

I learned a lot when I was a first-time mother. Among the highlights were discovering that I could feed a six-pound being, change a diaper and snap the tiny buttons on the bottom of a onesie while I was asleep (basically).

I also learned that even the cutest outfits are subject to diaper blow-outs and waterfall-like spit up.

Which is why I vowed to spend very, very little on clothing this time around. I also know that this is my “last one” so it makes no sense to spend a fortune on items that will be functional in our home for such a short amount of time. Also, I don’t actually HAVE the money to spend $10 – $20 a pop on miniature shirts and bottoms that are manufactured to be so darn cute to keep you from noticing the drain on your wallet. So I’ve been seeking out items in the secondhand market — most specifically, I’ve been consignment shopping.

I’ve had a lot of luck. This past weekend I went to a large mom-to-mom consignment sale and got two bags full of onesies for the first year, a light-up bouncey seat, some maternity clothing and a Bumbo seat with tray — all for $22. The mom who I bought the majority of my items from admitted that her prices were “cheap” but she insisted that she just really wanted to get rid of everything and have more space in her home.

The caboose of our family will have some new things. We have too many friends and family members that will want to give her something new and my sister-in-law makes adorable hand-stitched onesies, headbands and other newborn trinkets that literally are too cute to pass up. For the most part though, secondhand items will win out.

How do you feel about buying items consignment? Accepting hand-me-downs? What do you do with all of the clothing that your kids outgrow?

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