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I’d love to learn crochet, but may stick with sewing for now
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So ever since becoming a mom, I find myself severely lacking in the hobby department. When I first had my son, I was in college. Balancing a newborn and 15 credit hours didn’t really leave time for a hobby. Now that I am settled into a full-time job with a normal schedule, I find myself getting bored in the evenings after my son has gone to bed (my husband works second shift and doesn’t get home until midnight).

Shopping is my weekend hobby…but that is really, really expensive. And a girl can only have so many clothes.

I used to make jewelry, which is really fun! It is also quite expensive, though — between the beads, wire, clasps, and tools.

I’ve thought about crochet. I may give it a shot soon. It’s my understanding that it’s not a terribly expensive start-up. I would like something that I can work on while sitting on the couch in my pajamas and watching ‘Survivor.’ I love seeing cool crochet projects on Pinterest.

For the time being, I think have settled on sewing. I purchased a used sewing machine from a friend at work. There is so much fun fabric and so many interesting patterns out there, I’m excited to get started. I’m going to try to teach myself by watching some YouTube videos and reading the sewing machine manual. I may invest in a class at a fabric store at some point.

So please, do share! I would love to hear what other moms do for a hobby.

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