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Heather and Libby in the ‘tiny red kitchen’

I am a motivational speaker, writer and actress.  When I give talks it is usually based on the grand mistakes I have made and what I have learned from them.  Kind of a “don’t go into the basement!” brand of encouragement.  To balance staying home with my girls I belong to and blog for a national moms group called “Mothers and More”, write personal commentaries for a local NPR radio station, and enjoy my own blog about living each day to the fullest through faith, food, laughter and haiku on my personal blog, Live Your Love Out Loud.

I have lived an adventurous life that started with moving around every few years during my childhood, dancing on top of my dresser to musical soundtracks and losing my mother when I was thirteen.  I moved out on my own at eighteen living in Indiana, Chicago, Denver and coming home again to Indiana.  My adult adventures include clubbing with movie stars, struggling for an acting  career in Chicago and Los Angles and finally settling into property management  for ten years as a consultant, marketer, sales and customer service trainer.

Romance was plentiful but shallow until I learned my value as a woman (thank you God!) and after three years of abstinence (another story) met my personal Prince Charming John online. He was everything I wanted and needed and we will have been married five years March 2012.  I am humbled by what a gift he is in my life.

I am  now the frazzled mama of three year old Portia  and one year old Libby.  I am on occasion the kind of mother you would stare at, train-wreck style.  Other times my girls and I are idyllic in aprons  in our tiny red kitchen baking our snacks from scratch or at the dining room table crafting and covered in marker and glitter.  I love mothering my girls even amidst the tough times.  They break my heart so sweetly every day.

As an older mama I struggle between serving myself and these precious little people who won’t let me go to the bathroom alone.  Or let me have a single conversation with my husband during a meal.  I choose to be open with my failures in the hopes I can encourage other parents to be more comfortable with the reality that is  family life. When I get time to indulge myself I geocache, crochet, cook and eat too much.  I like cheap wine and expensive beer, anything with sugar in it and really good cheese popcorn.

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