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Being a mother is one of the hardest “jobs” on earth. Not many people would dispute that. It is not hard to love your children. It is not hard to become a mother (in cases where fertility is not an issue). It is hard to find the energy needed to make it through even the most routine days as a mom (forget the days when the car is on the fritz and stomach flu strikes all of your pets at once).

My little worker bees

Working moms, stay-at-home moms… whatever way you slice it, mothering is serious business. I have a part time job, and another part time job, and fit in some work from home in there too. I’m not sure if everyone would put me in the “stay-at-home mom” category.

I think I qualify though. A few days per week, my husband packs his lunch and gym clothes and leaves me with three small children for about twelve hours straight. I cook three meals (plus whip up endless snacks), read books, clean up constantly, put them down for naptimes, pick up a preschooler at the end of his day (two younger sisters in tow) and yell “We do NOT slam doors!” about 35 times per day, every day. Sometimes I laugh. Sometimes I cry. On those days, I am a full-fledged, stay-at-home mom.

Which is why I relate to parts of a post by Dani Klein Modisett titled “14 Reasons Why Being A Stay At Home Person Sucks.” I originally clicked because I was uber-offended at the title, but as I read on, I found myself nodding my head with several of the points that she made.  Here are a few paraphrases of those points. Read Dani’s post to see the others.

What do you think stay-at-home moms (dads)? Do you feel like your job as a parent “sucks” on some days? What do working parents have to say?

(First published on Huff Post Parents)

— People who work outside their home have a reason to get ready, look nice and stay groomed.

— Hiring someone to do all of the mom work would mean paying someone for 80 hours a week of work.

— The nagging feeling that if I just “did better” I really could accomplish it all — mom, wife and full-time working mom who was amazing and perfect at all of those things.

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