Katie Katie Parsons is the creator of Mumbling Mommy and is a freelance writer, editor and communications specialist. She works from her home office on the east coast of Florida. Most often she writes about life in a combined family of five children and what it's like being a full time work-from-home parent. Feel free to pitch guest post ideas or just drop her a line at katie@mumblingmommy.com.
Aubrey and Family

Folks, I would like to introduce myself using my first name, Aubrey. I call this my “first” name because I have another name. My second name is of great importance and rings in my ears 25 hours a day, seven days a week. My second name is “Mommy.” Although both of my children have yet to utter a ‘mama” or bellow a “mommy” at their young age, I see them call me mommy all the time just by looking into their innocent bright eyes. My number one, full time job is mothering my two children. I take an extreme amount of pride and joy in devoting my love, time, and energy to my two little angels.

My first child Emily is a rambunctious and curious 27-month-old and is a shining little star. Emily keeps my loving hands full with her spunky demeanor, golden willingness to “help” and her Sensory Processing Disorder, which requires several hours of one-on-one therapy each day.

My second child Anson is two-months-old and loves to awaken mama at 4:30 a.m. on the dot each morning for his breakfast. Luckily he just takes a bottle and isn’t expecting pancakes and eggs just yet.  He is an adorable little peanut and currently enjoys taking in the world like a fresh gulp of water at each new moment.

Although I primarily work inside the home as a full time mother, I also work part-time at a residential addiction treatment facility, part-time coaching girls cheerleading and hip hop dance, and sell my hand made greeting cards at local boutiques and gift shops.

I have high hopes that our blogs of shared experiences as mommies will provide insight, laughter, suggestions, and heartfelt comfort. I am honored to be a part of Mumbling Mommy. I know that I have many unique life experiences to share over time, and I look forward to reading the experiences shared by other Moms.

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