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Valentine’s Day Activities Your Family Will Love

It’s easy for our day-to-day lives to become monotonous. We speed from work to school pick up, sporting events to choir concerts. As the days bleed into one another it is so easy to not connect with our family members.

Valentine’s Day activities with the family, like making these heart-shaped animals are a great way to reconnect with one another. Holidays give us the opportunity to slow down and spend time with our loved ones.

Take a look at a few of our Valentine’s Day family activities and traditions to add to your mix!

Leave Love Hearts on the Door

Use red or pink paper and cut out hearts to place on your child’s door. Mom or dad can write special messages to each child including things you love about them. This tradition builds your children’s self esteem and is one great way to praise them and show them how much you love them.

Have a Candlelight Dinner

Another idea is to prepare a meal and eat it by candlelight. Pull out some china and inexpensive Valentine’s decoration such as Valentine’s straws or cups and splurge on some tasty food. You could serve French bread and fondue cheese, strawberries with chocolate or even go for some crab legs! There are countless pink and red recipes for Valentine’s Day. This tradition will create some fond memories around the holiday.

Serve a Heart Pizza

This is a go-to tradition because what kid doesn’t love pizza? And a pizza that’s heart-shaped is a win-win! Make your own with your favorite toppings, or call on Papa John’s – they serve a pretty tasty heart-shaped pizza each year. It’s low-effort, low cost and a crowd pleaser!

Heart shaped pizza for Valentine's Day
Enjoy a heart-shaped pizza for Valentine’s Day!

Pack a Special Lunch for School

Lastly, pack a Valentine’s Day themed lunch for your child(ren). Some ideas are a peanut butter and jelly sandwich cut into a heart shape, heart-shaped cheese slices or heart-shaped strawberries. Include a Valentine’s Day napkin and these super easy heart-shaped rice Krispy treats for dessert. You can even add a little note written on a heart shaped paper.

Hope these ideas help you make this Valentine’s Day extra special!

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