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Having kids changes a lot of things, including your relationship. With all of that extra responsibility, your focus naturally shifts away from one another and new challenges arise. All of this extra stress can lead to some serious issues in the relationship. However, if you are able to overcome those hurdles, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy a healthy, happy relationship.

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These are some of the big relationship problems you are likely to encounter after having a baby, and how you can manage them.

Arguments About Chores

You are so tired, stressed, and overwhelmed with your new life. All you want to do is curl up on the couch and do nothing for hours, but the chores around the house need to be done. So, you start to argue about who is going to do what. This is especially true if one person takes things for granted and expects the other person to do more chores. 

The best way around this is to draw up a schedule and make sure that things are split evenly, so nobody feels like they’re doing everything.

Issues With Alcohol Intake

Yes, that glass of wine can go a long way after a stressful day of parenting. However, it’s very easy to become reliant on drinking to relieve stress and alcohol abuse can quickly drive a wedge between you. If you notice that your partner has a problem and you are concerned, you should consider rehab centers or other forms of support. But before you get to that point, try to raise the issue with them and let them know you are concerned about their drinking. Just be gentle because if you start making accusations you will only make the situation worse. 

Clashes About Parenting Styles

You and your partner might not always see eye to eye on parenting styles, which can cause a lot of tension. One of you might be more strict, while the other is more relaxed about certain things. Neither approach is wrong and it’s important that both people feel like they have some influence over your child’s upbringing. This starts with communicating and respecting one another’s needs.

You can try to find some middle ground on different parenting styles, but they are not likely to match perfectly. You might have to accept that you will disagree about certain things and learn how to manage those clashes when they happen. The most important thing is that you are consistent with your child so they understand where the boundaries are.

Money Worries

Money rarely brings out the best in people. You might find that after having a baby, you and your partner’s views on money become really different. Suddenly paying for babysitters, clothes, and diapers is a huge deal and neither of you is willing to compromise on what you spend on certain things. 

It’s important that you both have a plan going forward and don’t let your past decisions influence your future ones. Make a budget together and try to be as open as possible about what you’re spending money on. This will make it a lot easier to avoid clashes over money. Communication is key here, but so is being considerate.

All couples face these challenges after having a baby, but if you can learn to manage them, your relationship will be stronger than ever. 

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