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Moving can be a very difficult period for a child. While it’s natural for a child to feel a sense of loss, it’s very important to help your child transition with the moving. These tips will help you get your child through this difficult stage of their childhood.

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Have regular family meetings

It’s best to hold regular family meetings and not let these hold any surprises. These family meetings can allow everyone, including your children to state how they feel and what’s on their minds. These meetings should also be supportive. Be truthful about the information that you’re going to give your kids, it’s better to not “sugarcoat” anything. If they want some space, especially teenagers, after hearing your answers, allow for this. While parents will usually put on a courageous appearance, it’s okay to be transparent to your kids about your feelings.

Explore the new neighborhood

Before physically moving and looking into movers, try to get yourself and your whole family familiarized with the new area you all will be living in. First, start by showing your family pictures on Google street view, videos shared online, travel blogs, and photos of where your new home will be. Afterward, try to travel there, this can be a nice trip. This alone will help a lot once the transition to moving needs to begin. However, it’s understandable if this can’t always be the case, especially if you’re needing to travel to the other side of the country.

Resist purchases

While it may be very tempting to purchase new furniture, bedding, toys, or whatever for your child, try to wait first.  This eases up on packing, plus It will help your child transition by having their belongings. Plus, this helps with saving money as you’ll most likely need mover services, click here to find out more about that.

Normalize visiting

Let your children know that the goodbyes that they’re saying to their hometown and friends aren’t forever. It’s so important to put it into consideration about visiting your old hometown. While everyone is connected through social media and phones, they don’t compare to physically seeing someone. Allow your kids to have the hope of visiting their old hometown someday, especially if it’s nearby.

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