Mumbling Mommy

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You learn a lot as a mom, and not just about your kids. Being a parent teaches you a lot about who you are — and you pick up some new skills along the way.

A lot of the skills that involve being a full time mom could easily be transferred over to other jobs if you want to try out a different career path. 

Being Able to Teach New Things

If you have no problem teaching your own little ones how to read and write why not extend these skills? Help others in your field learn new things with patience, focus and expertise. 

The Ability to Care For Others 

The nurturing skills you acquire from being a mom can be carried forward into a career of caring for others. You could think about venturing into a role that requires being a caregiver in a nursing home or sign up to a graduate program for nurses. You would be able to look after patients, providing a calm and reassuring atmosphere. 

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Organization Skills

You are most likely used to organizing the family finances and determining how much money is left at the end of the month. Directly, this could translate into a career as an accountant – even working from home. Indirectly, this type of organization and logistical talent can translate into being a team leader or planner at an organization.

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