Mumbling Mommy

Parents of young children, we salute you. There are a lot of sleepless nights and busy days, making this a time that is full of life — but also full of exhaustion. When the evenings come around, it can be easy to slip into a bit of a zombie-like state as you try to rest, relax, and have some time that does not entail just being a mom or a dad.

Romance is not always a priority. As parents, though, it is so important to be united and to be on the same page, and keep the romance alive, remembering why you had your little ones in the first place. But how can you do that when time is so tight already?

Keep Communication Open

If you ever get to the point where you feel like you can’t talk to your spouse or partner about something in particular, especially around how you feel, then it isn’t a good thing for your relationship. Being able to be open and keep communication flowing is something that is vital for a strong relationship. When you have this, you can work through different things and issues that might arise, as this happens to all couples. If you don’t keep communication open, then it could lead to a breakdown in the relationship and could mean that you need to call for child custody lawyers at some point. Work on keeping your communication open and strong, and it will help your relationship to stay strong too.

Give Each Other Some “Me” Time

It can be easier said than done, but if you are able to work some time into each week, or even a little time each day, it can be just the relief needed to rest or get something done that is important. You might just take the children out for a walk and leave your spouse to get some chores done, uninterrupted. It can be a little bit of emotional space that can be enough to give your partner a boost. 

Take Care of Yourself

Those early years with toddlers and school children can be one of the most extremely demanding times for any parent. One of the reasons is that children of these ages can make a lot of mess and have the cognitive ability to get up to some ‘mischief’ but they still  don’t have the ability to avoid all dangers. They need to be monitored at all times, and it can be mentally exhausting, as well as being physically exhausting. As a result, it won’t come as a surprise that a lot of us can end up making our needs second to our child’s. This is not something that is healthy, though, especially for prolonged time. All parents need to indulge in self-care, which is more than just taking part in a hobby that you enjoy, that can be done without children. It makes you refreshed and a better person, which will help to make you a better parent, as well as a better partner. 

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