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Being a good parent does not mean preventing your kids from making any mistakes. While you want the best for your children, and will help them avoid mistakes if you can, mistakes can be a very beneficial part of the learning and growth process.

If your children grow up believing that mistakes are bad, then they are going to be reluctant to move out of their comfort zones. They won’t want to take chances or try new things through fear of making mistakes. Even if they do these things, they will probably take mistakes hard, and criticism to heart. If you want to raise smart, well-rounded adults, you need to let them see that mistakes are valuable while they are young. 

If you’re not sure what this could mean for you, read on:

Identify Helicopter Parenting

Being an overprotective parent is common, but it can be damaging. Kids will become irritated and rebellious, and they won’t know how to face problems on their own if you’re determined to fix everything. As they get older, they will depend on others to do this for them, which could impede their relationships and jobs in the long run. Your fear will likely also instill fear into your child, and they will learn not to trust themselves! Signs that you may be doing this without knowing include:

  • Having overly strict rules 
  • Putting them under pressure to perform well – in sports, academically, etc. 
  • Providing extreme rewards/punishment 

In an environment like this, kids are more likely to lie if they make a mistake, suffer from low self esteem, and be  prone to anxiety and depression. 

What will kids learn from making their own mistakes? 

  • They will become more resilient. 
  • They will become more responsible. 
  • They will learn how to solve problems and make their own decisions. 
  • They will learn a lot about themselves, making them more confident and authentic. 

Being able to let your kids make mistakes means letting go and relaxing as a parent. You must trust that they will make the right choice. Of course you should encourage them to consider the pros and cons of a decision, but don’t guide them if it’s not necessary. Trusting your child will show them that they can trust themselves. This may not always go to plan. They might occasionally make a bad choice or hurt themselves, and you might need to help pick up the pieces a little, whether that’s by simply consoling them or contacting a pedestrian accident attorney. Be patient with them, and don’t let your faith in them waver. 

Be sure to communicate calmly with your child when they have made a mistake, and try to identify together where they went wrong. This will mean they learn from each mistake, and they will feel reassured that you are there no matter what. This will create a solid foundation for them to go out and explore the world on their own terms. 

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