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These days, sending Christmas cards can be a whole lot easier than buying a stack of generic cards and grabbing people’s addresses. Many of us have made friends over the years that no longer live in the same country as us and might even celebrate Christmas at different times. We all have social media friends, online friends and relatives that are all over the world, making it hard to just send a physical card.

Even if all our recipients are in the same country, it can be a pain to remember everyone that we need to send a card to and also ask them for their addresses. So to make your Christmas easier this year (and also for future years too!), we’ve put together some tips to make sending Christmas cards a whole lot easier.

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Start with a list

It’s a good idea to start putting together a list of people that you want to send a Christmas card to. There are a number of different ways to do this, such as making a spreadsheet with Google Docs to write down everyone’s name and address, or even just writing it down on a sheet of paper and then crossing off the names as you complete them.

The point of doing this is to simply stay organized. When you have a lot of people to send Christmas cards to, it’s fairly easy to forget certain names or families. By keeping track of who you’re sending Christmas cards to, you can guarantee that you’re not skipping out certain people and that everyone is accounted for. In addition, keeping track of names like this means you can start making your list well before Christmas so you can make sure you don’t forget any names. You can even re-use the list later in the future if you make it digital. You can simply copy and paste the names into a new spreadsheet or document, or you can just remove any marks that you’ve made.

To make things even easier or you, there are resources online for digital Christmas card lists that you can just download and use. You can even open these in Google Sheets if you don’t have Microsoft Excel or a similar program. We highly recommend making it digital if you’re savvy with computers, but there’s nothing wrong with writing a list with regular pen and paper too. In short, creating a list of people that you want to send Christmas cards to will make things a whole lot easier since you’ll be organized and won’t forget any names.

Creating personalized Christmas cards

While many of us just use generic Christmas cards for our friends and family members, you might want to make something a little more special for people who you feel are more important in your life. This could be close family members and friends, it could be your partner or even someone that’s made a huge positive impact on your life that year. Whatever the case may be, you can look to create a more personalised Christmas card for someone special in your life.

Alternatively, you could also use personalised Christmas cards for everyone if you have the time to do so. This can be extremely time-consuming, but you can make it easier by using pretty Christmas cards from MagnetStreet or other services that allow you to create special Christmas cards. This can be a good compromise for the amount of time you spend on it. You can easily add images and custom messages to each card, but it doesn’t take as much time as making your cards from scratch.

However, if you want the ultimate sentimental Christmas card, then making it yourself is arguably the best option. Here are a couple of tips to help you with your personalised Christmas cards:

  • Look for Christmas card inspiration on websites such as Pinterest and start compiling a list of ideas to help you make something special and unique
  • Make sure you use high-quality cards for the base of your Christmas cards. This will make it a lot more sturdy and durable.
  • Look up tutorials on websites such as YouTube or on various blogs to get used to making your own Christmas cards.
  • Set aside a weekend to make your Christmas cards as it can be quite time-consuming, especially if you’re making several.
  • If you’re sending cards as a family, don’t forget to get your kids involved too. They might have lots of unique ideas and they might want to write their own messages too.
  • Make use of seasonal stickers and decals that you can buy in arts and crafts stores. They’ll add a nice touch to your Christmas cards that will make it seem a lot more professional.
  • Don’t forget to customise the letter you send them in too!

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Consider sending digital cards

There are many reasons to send digital Christmas cards these days as opposed to physical ones. While it’s not a complete substitute for sending Christmas cards, there are plenty of good reasons why you might want to consider it:

  • Easier to send since you only need the recipient’s email instead of their full address.
  • Great way to send Christmas cards to people overseas or if you don’t know their full address (or don’t want to ask for it!)
  • They arrive instantly instead of relying on the postal service that might be delayed due to a high volume of deliveries during the seasonal period.
  • You can make custom designs more easily with digital programs such as Photoshop.
  • You can make use of all the photographs you’ve taken over the years and add them to your card design to make it special.
  • Templates are available if you’re not great with designs. You can create fantastic Christmas cards in just a few minutes without the need for any kind of design skills.
  • It saves you having to send physical cards which might end up being thrown away after a while or recycled, and it also creates less waste since you won’t need to send envelopes to everyone.
  • Animated images, sound, music and video can also be added to your electronic Christmas cards.
  • It saves you a lot of time! Instead of having to buy Christmas cards and write down each address and buy stamps for them, you can just mass-send Christmas cards to email addresses and be done with it.
  • You can even attach gifts to your Christmas cards, such as digital vouchers and gift codes for online stores.

Of course, not everyone is going to be on board with the idea of sending digital cards. A lot of people still prefer traditional Christmas cards and there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s still far more sentimental and it can be a tradition that we’re never going to give up. There’s also nothing wrong with mixing between traditional and digital Christmas cards if you’re looking to maximize the number of cards you send. Some people prefer not to give out their physical address, and you might find it a bit awkward to ask. If you have their email address or even just their Facebook page, you can send them an electronic Christmas card with no hassle.

However, modern technology can make sending Christmas cards a lot easier and it’s fitting for people that have a lot of online friends or know people in various locations around the world. If you don’t know someone’s address and need to send a quick last-minute Christmas card, then this is arguably the best way to do so.

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Sending Christmas cards can be a lot of work, especially if you make it a tradition every year. However, with modern advances in technology, sending Christmas cards can be a lot easier even if you chose to design your own cards at home. Once you get accustomed to these newer ways to design and send Christmas cards, you’ll find that it’s fairly easy to send a large number of cards to everyone that you know.

To summarize our tips, here are some key takeaway points:

  • Keep a list of everyone that you’re sending a Christmas card to. If you make it digital or don’t mark off the people you’ve sent it to, you can easily re-use or add to this list in the future!
  • Try personalising your Christmas cards this year. This can be easy if you follow some simple design guides or look for inspiration on the internet. This can be time-consuming, so make sure you set aside some time to do it.
  • Consider sending digital cards too! You can send it to everyone, to people whom you don’t know their physical addresses, or if you want to attach digital gifts.

Whether you’re sending a digital card or a physical one this year to your loved ones, we hope that you have a splendid Christmas.

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