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Raising kids can put a strain on even healthy relationships. It’s not easy to raise tiny people from the ground up, which is why focusing on your relationship is crucial. If you want to ensure you keep your relationship strong while raising kids together, read on for 10 suggestions: 

  1. Plan Time Alone (Together)

Being a parent and spending time with your kids can be a joy, but you still need to spend time together – without the kids. Time together should remind the two of you why you’re choosing to go on this journey with each other. It may be hard at times, but going on date nights and even having your own date nights at home can help you to reconnect and spend some much needed time with one another. 

  1. Share Your Thoughts and Feelings Often

Don’t keep things to yourself, especially if you’re going to let them build up and resent your partner for it. Share your thoughts and feelings often, and make sure you’re honest if something is bothering you. Being open and vulnerable with each other is what will make your relationship last and last. 

  1. Communicate, Often 

Knowing how to communicate is key. Blaming your partner for your bad feelings might be tempting, but even if you are sure they are the reason, avoid using language that points blame. Instead, you want to discuss how you feel, rather than saying they made you feel that way. Understanding how to communicate in a healthy way can be tough, as many of us were not taught this from a young age. You may both need to learn how to do this together, and it could mean correcting yourselves often. 

  1. Learn Your Partner’s Love Language

A love language is the way you express and receive love – and they can both be different. For example, you may express love by giving gifts to those you love, but receive it best with words of affirmation. It varies from person to person, but understanding each of your love languages and then making the effort for one another will really make the difference to your relationship. 

  1. Agree On Parenting Styles 

How you parent your kids could cause some issues if you don’t both agree beforehand. There are a number of parenting styles, and if you both argue over which to use, it could cause a huge rift in the relationship. Not only that, your kids could end up pretty confused due to the inconsistencies. 


  1. Keep Your Family Healthy

Keeping your family healthy will give you both peace of mind and allow you to enjoy all of the wonderful things that family life offers. You can order online if you need a prescription, too, which makes the whole process even easier.  

  1. Eat Meals Together

You’d be surprised at how amazing eating just one meal together each day can be for your family. It can encourage kids to do better in school, avoid peer pressure and things like smoking, and more. If you want to develop a healthy family culture and feel closer to one another, just commit to eating one meal together each day. 

  1. Limit Your Screen Time 

Screen time can be good occasionally, but if every moment together is filled with screen time, you’re probably not focusing on one another as much as you could be. Make a vow to limit your screen time and enjoy one another’s company instead. When was the last time you had a real conversation? 

  1. Pick Your Battles

You don’t need to bring up every little thing that annoys you. It can be tempting, especially when you are running on very little sleep and feel annoyed by demanding kids, but try to take a deep breath and take a step back instead. When you pick your battles, you’ll be able to better focus on what truly matters and figure out the tough stuff along the way. 

  1. Commit To Doing Nice Things For One Another

Commit to doing nice things for one another each day. Try to make the mundane special – get dressed up for date night, and surprise them with their favorite chocolate. Even committing to small things like making eye contact and hugging and kissing each day can bring you closer together. Couples don’t realize that they can go days without properly touching or even asking one another how their day went. Try to be more mindful!

How are you staying connected while you raise your kids? Leave your advice below!

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