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Bathrooms are a modern convenience of family life, from flushable toilets to tubs that fit kids and their toys.

Unfortunately, around 90 children end up dying every single year because of various bathroom hazards. Remember that it only takes 3 water inches that are too much and the child can be submerged.

If you are a parent, you definitely want to keep your child safe. Because of this, here are some important tips that are offered by Fix It Right Plumbing Melbourne hot water specialists:

Don’t Leave The Child Alone

It seems obvious but parents are easily distracted. Make bathtime the priority things to pay attention to when it happens.

Use Faucet Scald-Guards

Drowning is not the only threat in a bathroom for children. Scalding is also something you need to protect the child against. Water temperature should never be too high so be sure that your geyser never goes above 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it is a really good idea to install faucet scald-guards. These simply monitor water temperature. Some even have automatic security systems in place in order to stop the water if the temperature goes too high.

Remove Excess Water

Many kids simply love splashing water so the floor will end up being slippery. This is dangerous and can lead to accidents that are always unexpected. Because of this, you want to be careful and simply mop out remaining water. Dry your floor before the child exits the tub and you avoid many possible slipping accidents.

Consider Baby Gates

Baby gates close off bathroom doors as you prepare the tub. The child cannot enter the bathroom as the tub is getting ready so you do not have to worry about this threat.

Install Faucet Cushioned Covers

The steel water faucet that is so common in most homes is dangerous due to its sharp edges. Babies can bump into them or hit their heads on the hard surfaces. Adding cushioned covers is something to consider as shocks are absorbed and injuries are minimized.

Seal Toilet Lids

This is one of the simplest things you can do to protect toddlers and babies in the bathroom. Toilet lid locks or similar devices are useful. Add them to keep the lids closed for the times that children wander into the bathroom with you.

Parents must stay hyper-vigilant when it comes to safety in the home and the bathroom can be a dangerous place is not properly equipped for safety. Make these minor tweaks to keep your kids safe and your home running smoothly.

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