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Whether you work from home every day, you perhaps dabble in telemarketing from time to time, or you just have somewhere to work through your home admin, the office space is a tricky one to get right. Whilst working from home has its perks and for many it’s considered a dream, it’s not always easy to keep your productivity levels up when you have so many distractions around you!

The work/life balance is a tricky one to get right and it’s even more difficult when you have little ones that need your attention while you’re writing out important emails and trying to hit deadlines. But once you hit your stride, working from home is certainly something I would encourage everyone to aspire to. With the absence of corporate hierarchy, and office politics being most welcome, you can be in charge or everything. From the stationary, to the first aid (first aid signs are a legal requirement in office buildings) to making the tea just how you like it!

So, if you have a work space that you want to make the most of, read on for 5 ways to make your office space super productive.

Dress to impress

One of the perks of working from home? You can hit those deadlines and reply to those all important emails in the comfort of your own PJs. You can shower later, right? While that sounds ideal, making the effort to shower and dress properly can get you into a productive state of mind. Give it a try and see how much difference there is.

Say “No” to distractions

If you’re working from home, then distractions are your worst enemy. There are going to be people in your life that believe that because you work from home, your working life is more relaxed. So, if your mother in law is in the habit of popping round, or your friends call you on their lunch breaks, you need to be firm but polite and gently remind them that you are working. Tell close friends and family your working hours and when are the better times to catch you if needs be.

Declutter. Ruthlessly

The thing about home office’s is, that they are a magnet for clutter and junk. Even more so if you have small children in the house. So, every morning before you settle down to start working make sure you have a workspace that is clear from old paperwork, rubbish, toys, books, old mugs, the plate from yesterday’s sandwich and anything else that doesn’t belong.

Comfort is King

Spending hours hunched over your desk and then struggling to work the next day due to back ache is no good for your productivity. Investing in a good office chair will help you feel more productive. And it’s good for your posture too!

Set up to succeed

If possible, make sure your office is in an area that is quieter than the rest of the house. Make sure you have plenty of natural light too – as it’s good for your mind and your body!


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