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Hearing loss is something that in life can affect anyone of any age, even though it is typically associated with the aging process. It’s important to note, though, that your ears are actually quite fragile and need to be looked after. Here is a little more information on the causes of, symptoms and treatment of hearing loss.

Causes of Hearing Loss

There are many things that can cause a decline in hearing health or a sudden hearing loss, but as long as you know what to avoid, you should be mostly safe from risk! The first thing you want to avoid is putting things in your ear, whether it’s cotton swabs to try and get earwax, or other objects that could touch your eardrum. Your eardrum is very delicate, and if you feel like you need something removed from your ear, you should go to a professional instead.

Hearing loss can also be caused by exposure to too much loud noise. This can be from working in a loud environment, listening to your music too loud, or anywhere else where you should be wearing ear protection. It’s not uncommon for children and teenagers to have music or games too loud when they have their earphones in, as kids don’t know their own limits. 

Outside of the avoidable causes, sometimes hearing loss can come about from old age or illnesses – and these can be diagnosed by a healthcare professional.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

It’s not always easy to notice hearing loss straight away, as it can happen slowly and gradually, but there are symptoms you can check.  

One of the first things you might notice if you’re experiencing hearing loss is struggling to hear other people speak due to them sounding muffled. 

Another symptom to look out for is having trouble understanding people. You might find yourself exerting yourself while trying to listen to them.

You can look out for other people’s hearing health too. Sometimes it can show if your friends or family need help hearing, they might ask you to speak louder, or turn the TV up louder than others are comfortable with.

How to Prevent Hearing Loss

While not all causes of hearing loss can be prevented, there is still a lot you can be doing. Like mentioned before, take extra care when exposing yourself to loud noises; there is ear protection you can buy if you spend a lot of time in noisy environments and some are discreet too! Other than that, even if you suspect you have a blockage in your ear, you should avoid trying to put things in there as you risk permanent damage. A professional can prescribe you ear drops, or personally deal with the situation themselves.

Hearing Aids

In the event that you are experiencing hearing loss, you are by no means required to settle with a difficulty to hear, as hearing aids offer a discreet way to help. There are all different kinds of hearing aid to fit different needs, and you’ll find they can make your life much more convenient if hearing loss is something you experience.

Hearing aids offer a wide range of different functions thanks to their wireless connectivity. They can be connected to all of your devices that accept Bluetooth connections, meaning that you hearing the TV or your phone won’t ever be something you struggle with.

If you think you might need a hearing aid, there are professionals who can diagnose you, and also help you to find a hearing aid that works for you. There’s no sense in waiting on something like this, as you could be experiencing the benefits of a hearing aid as soon as possible!

Who To See

There are a lot of professionals that you have the option of seeing if you are experiencing hearing loss, but your best bet is going to be an Audiologist. Audiologists are specialists in hearing health, meaning that they are more specifically trained in that area; you’re going to get the best diagnosis with them.

For some people, the idea of declining hearing health is quite frightening, but with modern hearing aids, it’s much easier to handle. Be sure to always be conscious of your hearing health, as not every consequence or sign of hearing damage can show immediately.


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