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If you want the best for your family then you need a water filter. The level of research has now grown to the point where it is extremely difficult to dispute the fact that water straight from your treatment plant is not good for you.

Unfortunately once you reach this conclusion you still need to figure out which is the right type of water filter for you. There are hundreds of different options and brands available; choosing the right one is important.

Step 1 – Reputation

Not all water filters perform as well as each other. If you’re going to invest in peace of mind for your family, you need to choose a water filter from a reputable supplier such as Do not just take the first water filter you see; you want a quality item.

It is easy to check the reputation of a company and how well a specific filter works by looking on social media sites. Others will have provided honest opinions regarding the service they’ve received.

Step 2 – Decide Your Usage

You can purchase a whole house filter although these are the most expensive type. But, before you decide if this is the right option you should consider what you use your water for and what it is you’re most worried about:

  • Drinking Water – Approximately 90% of the water used in the average house goes down the drain. It may seem unnecessary to clean this water before discarding it. If you’re main concern is that you want to drink clean and safe water then you should consider purchasing an under counter water filter. This is connected to one faucet. You will need to use this faucet every time you want filtered water. The alternatives are to use a water pitcher which has a filter built into it or you can buy a standalone unit which you refill from the tap or any other water supply as you need to.
  • Washing Food – If you’re also concerned about washing food and even your hands you may still manage with an under counter water filter. Or you can have a second under counter water filter put into the bathroom of your home; allowing you a second point where you can access filtered water.
  • Showering – However, if you’re worried about the effects of all these chemicals on your body and concerned that they can get into your bloodstream through your open pores when showering; then you need a whole house filter.

This is the only way you’ll get peace of mind that all your water is free from chemicals and safe to use.

Of course, you can also have a water test completed periodically to confirm the effectiveness of the water filter system.

Don’t forget that all water filtration systems have filters that need to be replaced periodically. You’ll need to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure you do this when necessary. If you don’t your water filtration system will not be removing the chemicals from your water!

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