Having a hobby can be a therapeutic or even productive way to spend any evening. The great thing about most hobbies is that they reflect your passion; you actually enjoy doing them.

Even if you have found yourself struggling to find a hobby you really enjoy or are good at; you will almost certainly find one in the following list:


Cooking can be a huge amount of fun; especially when you move away from traditional recipes and start to experiment with your own ingredients.

Of course you will need to have a means of consuming all the food you make; this may be a large family or supporting a variety of local associations.

The great thing about cooking is the satisfaction when your dish comes out of the oven; looking perfect and the look on people’s face when they take that first bite. A picture really does tell a thousand words.


This is one of the oldest hobbies known and one that still offers an exciting array of opportunities. Gone are the days of the plain knit. Now there are hundreds of different types of knitting patterns to try; before you even start creating your own.

Add to this the huge array of wools you can get from stores like theaussieknittingco.com and you will be amazed at how quickly this takes over your life; in a good way!


You may have purchased kits before to allow you to brew your own beer at home. But there is much more to this great hobby.

You can choose to make beer from scratch, wine from blackberries or vodka with elderflower. The choice is virtually endless and, just like cooking, virtually limitless! You can play with the ingredients to make the perfect homebrew for yourself.

The equipment required is very simple; providing you have a few willing friends to test your latest concoction you will be up and running in no time!


Magic is not just for children. This is not about learning simple parlor tricks to impress your little ones; although that is an added benefit.

Undertaking magic as a hobby involves learning to read your audience and how to misdirect them. The better you get at it the more you will be able to impress in the right situation.

As an added bonus you will find that your powers of observation improve; you become aware of what you are hiding to make a trick possible and start to notice similar tings in everyday life; it may make it harder for you to be conned.


In the past most people believed that art and painting was a skill you were born with. But this is simply not true! You can learn to paint; in the same way you can learn any other hobby.

Painting can be done at home or virtually anywhere and it encourages you to really look at an object. It also feels fantastic when you finish a piece which actually looks like what you were painting.

A great hobby will keep your mind active and introduce you to new people and ideas; enjoying it is simply a bonus!

What do you like to do in your spare time?



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