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Every January, thousands of Americans make a resolution for the new year. Often, this resolution is a major change: work out more, eat better, quit smoking, study the Bible more, complete monthly random acts of kindness. These are all very noble things to do and great changes to make if you can stick with them, but unfortunately, human nature tends to take control and by March, either no one is talking about their resolutions anymore or, more commonly, no one even remembers their resolutions.

This year, how about making an easy resolution? Instead of committing your entire year to something, make a one-shot, time-sensitive resolution, something you can set your mind to on January 1st and accomplish by January 31st. By accomplishing this goal right away, you are bound to feel more accomplished and you may just decide to set another easy goal for yourself. I am not talking about one of those 30 days of XYZ type goals, I am literally talking about a one-time thing.

Need ideas? Try one of these:

  1. Get a check up. All you have to do is call your doctor and show up to the appointment. Resolution complete.
  2. Donate a bag of items to charity. There is no requirement on how many items or doing so many bags a month. Just take a few hours to go through your closets and cabinets, pull out the things you don’t use anymore, stick them in a bag, and drive them to a charity drop off.
  3. Write a letter. Especially if you no longer send out Christmas cards, write up a quick letter to your Grandpa in California or your great aunt in New York. Maybe even include some drawings from the kids or a picture of your family. Keep it simple and stick it in the mail.
  4. Try a new look. A good haircut is all it takes to completely change your look. Starting out the new year with a fresh new do is about as easy as resolutions get.
  5. Go to a paint night. Art therapy has really become trendy lately. Look up a Painting with a Twist location or something similar near you and commit to just one night. It’s a few hours. You can go alone or with friends. You don’t have to drink (but it’s totally allowed if you want to!) and you can just paint a canvas. You may find you love it, but even if you hate it, it will have engaged a different part of your brain and given your body a chance to relax. Plus, if you don’t like your work, ask the store about donating it. Many places send them to hospitals and hospice care facilities as decorations for sick patients or the elderly.

What other ideas can you share? Have you ever tried an “easy” resolution before? Did you end up continuing to make small goals all year long? Share in the comments!

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