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Note: I was selected as a cookbook ambassador to receive a free, signed copy in advance in exchange for my honest opinion of the cookbook to promote its launch. As of October 25, 2016, 100 Days of Real Food, Fast and Fabulous is available for purchase

My family has been eating whole foods for nearly 4 years. Some of this is medically necessary (I have a diagnosed gluten intolerance) and some of it is our belief in a healthy lifestyle for ourselves and our children. The 100 Days of Real Food blog was one of my first resources and I am definitely grateful for Lisa and her family’s work and dedication to sharing their journey.

Having previously been an ambassador for Lisa’s first cookbook, I immediately applied again when I saw she was writing a second book. I really loved her first cookbook. You can see my review of that one here.

So, what are my thoughts the second time around on 100 days of real food?

If you are new to eating real food, this is a great resource. There are easy-to-follow, quick recipes, charts, and shopping list guides to make meal planning a smooth process. There also is a list of allergens for each recipe with lots of choices for incorporating gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free diets. The 100 Days of Real Food cookbook is presented in an organized manner with plenty of pictures of the dishes as well as of Lisa and her family. The recipes are kid friendly and basic enough for picky eaters.

My biggest complaint about this cookbook is that none of the recipes seemed very innovative and some were even quite repetitive. For example, one breakfast was yogurt topped with homemade granola and fruit. Another recipe was for overnight oats, which, if you’ve made before, you’ll realize also is made with yogurt and oats (the base of granola.) To me, it’s basically the same recipe, but you just end up with a different texture when serving. One staple in the back of the book was for making your own instant oatmeal packets (again with the oats!) instead of buying the highly processed packaged ones, but it only gave one option. I think one of the perks of those instant oatmeal packets is having such a wide variety of flavor options. A basic cinnamon raisin flavor (featured in the cookbook) is pretty easy to make at home even without a recipe, but mastering the flavor combination for a flavor like peaches and cream isn’t so easy. I’d have loved to see more options there.

Overall, if you are a beginner and need an easy place to start a new life change, this is absolutely the book for you.

It gives simple, subtle changes to take you from processed to whole while still enjoying your favorites. For someone who’s been in this neighborhood for awhile, though, there is nothing special. I estimate that I’ll use the cookbook maybe once or twice a month, primarily for the dinner recipes and possibly more just for the information in chapter one regarding meal planning and shopping.

I will continue to watch the blog for new recipes and tips, and I love the information and products Lisa shares as well. I have mixed reviews on this particular cookbook, but I still highly recommend her first cookbook and blog.

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