Have you heard about the Uber free ice cream promotion? Read on for details.

Looking for a sweet treat that’ll hit the spot AND doesn’t cost anything? This Friday, July 15 you can have two FREE Magnum ice cream bars delivered to your door when you request #UberIceCream through the mobile app. The promotion is taking place in 400 cities across the country, and you can find out if Uber is in your area by clicking here.

Some of the cities on the list include St. Louis, Denver, Chicago, Orlando and San Francisco. Uber, the company most known for its ride-sharing services, is offering this deal to people in areas where Uber has service (you can check to see if you do by clicking here).

Here’s how to order your Uber free ice cream:

  • Open the Uber app on your mobile device this Friday, July 15 at the time set aside for your city. When you download the app, look for the time inside it. In Florida cities, for example, the promotion runs from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Eastern.
  • Slide over to the ‘ICE CREAM’ option in the app and tap to request
  • If connected, your Ice Cream will be delivered curbside right away!

If you are an Uber newbie, download the free app and enter the promo code FLICECREAM for the first ride free (up to $15). You can just save that free ride inside the app until you are ready to use it.

I checked and DOUBLE checked with the Uber free ice cream event marketer to be sure there are NO strings attached. She assures me that all you need to do is download the Uber app and order the free ice cream and it will show up and cost you NOTHING. No credit card number required!

I’ve used Uber a few times when I was traveling in Dallas, San Francisco and exploring beautiful Las Vegas. I’ve had about seven drivers and thought they were all great. I especially like the tracking features of the app — from showing me on a map exactly where the car that is picking me up is located, and time from arrival, to tracking my entire ride. There is also a feature to text/email that tracking info to other people so they too can watch your ride (and that part makes me feel a little safer). As always, ride cautiously and when possible, never get into a car with stranger (even an Uber driver) by yourself.

Happy Free Ice Cream Day!

Editor’s Note: I was actually NOT paid to write this but wanted to share it since free ice cream is… well, free! Enjoy!

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