KatieKatie Katie Parsons is the creator of Mumbling Mommy and is a freelance writer, editor and communications specialist. She works from her home office on the east coast of Florida. Most often she writes about life in a combined family of five children and what it's like being a full time work-from-home parent. Feel free to pitch guest post ideas or just drop her a line at katie@mumblingmommy.com.

Want to guest post for Mumbling Mommy? Here’s how…

We are looking for guest contributors for our blog and look forward to adding your voice to our site. Mumbling Mommy is a blog written by parents all over the country. We write in a narrative style, telling true stories about our families and life. We pass along advice and life lessons based on what we’ve learned along the way. We’d love to add your stories to our database of over 1,000 posts.

To guest post for Mumbling Mommy, please be:

  • Parents. Dads welcome!
  • Grandparents.
  • Not looking for promotional opportunities (we would love to link to your personal blog or social accounts, though!).
  • Willing to share personal accounts of parenthood/grandparenthood in a narrative style (please no generic information that we could easily Google from other places).
  • Willing to share your identity, within reason. We do not post anything anonymous but will respect your family’s privacy when it comes to last names, photos and ages of kids.

Sound like you? Send an email with your pitch/idea to Executive Editor Katie Parsons at katie@mumblingmommy.com. Include any links to other writing if applicable. New writers welcome.

Here are some topics to get you thinking: pregnancy, breastfeeding, work-life balance, stay-at-home parenting, work-at-home parenting, owning a small business while parenting, children with special needs, misconceptions about your style of parenting/family size/discipline style, saving money, family budgeting, raising girls, raising boys, family attractions in your area, crafts, recipes, life hacks, and more. (YOUR IDEA HERE!)

Guest bloggers are not paid but promoted aggressively through our large, engaged social media following. From guest bloggers, we sometimes extend permanent contributor invitations which are paid (a little). Please email Katie with further questions.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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