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Kids ask so many funny questions — especially at the age of 3

I think age 3 is one of the cutest ages ever. Sure, we cannot go into a store without a tantrum for a new toy, piece of candy, book or craft (yes, that was her you heard screaming at Target because I wouldn’t buy her another Frozen Toy). But the questions my daughter asks me make me belly laugh on a daily basis.

Side note: I actually didn’t know the answers to all of these funny questions, but when I did know the answers, I loved that her questions were a learning opportunity (for her and me both!) and the perfect chance to teach my daughter something new!

Funny Questions from my Three Year Old

Why is there rain?
Where does rain come from?
Why does it snow?
Why are there rainbows?
Why does Dora speak Spanish?
Why does ice turn to water?
Mom (as we pass a random house while driving down the road), why didn’t we go to that house for trick-or-treat?
Why do salt and sugar look the same?
Why do cars need gas to go?
Why don’t you go to school anymore?
Why do we go at green lights and stop at red?
Why do we have a courthouse in our town?
Why does Santa live at the North Pole? Can we go there? Now?
Why do some toys need batteries?
Why do drinks make us potty?
Why are rainbows different colors?
Why do we have shadows?
Why do we have booties?
Why does the number six come after the number five?
Why do we have ten fingers?
Why do we count backwards before we say “BLAST OFF?”
Why do you make me go to sleep?
How does our body wake up?
Why do some animals eat other animals?
How do chickens lay eggs?
Why do some fruits grow on trees and some from the ground?
Why do frogs eat flies?
Why does Dory forget everything? She’s so silly!

These are just a small sample of the funny questions my 3-year-old daughter has asked me! I love her curious mind and thirst for knowledge. I also must admit that I’ve had to Google a couple questions to find the answers so I could explain them to her, and I have been known to say “just because” on occasion. I literally never have any idea what is going to come out of  her mouth next, but I know it’s sure to make me smile!

What are the craziest, funny questions your kids have asked you?

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