Want to know how to find freelance writing work? It’s all about variety…

One of the most daunting parts of working as a contractor in any industry is actually finding the work to complete. The nature of most freelance gigs is temporary — meaning that while you are busy working on one project, you are lining up the next one. With the right strategy, though, you can find freelance writing work without it feeling like a full-time job in and of itself.

Here are a few shortcuts I’ve learned in my five years as a freelance writer, editor and communications professional (who works in pjs from home). If you have any to share with readers, please put them in the comments section.

Find Freelance Writing Work By…

Creating profiles on these sites:

Guru – Free and paid versions (pay if you want access to more features and bids per month). You can search for gigs to bid on and employers can search for freelance writers (like you) that match what they need.

Elance – Free and paid versions.

Freelance – Free and paid versions.

IZEA – This is an influencer marketing site, so you need your own blog/website and social media accounts to participate. Basically you fill out your profile and then one-off assignments are matched up to you.

Following these Twitter accounts:

Work at Home Mom Revolution – I LOVE THIS SITE! Lisa Mills posts a variety from work-at-home openings in many industries, from seasonal to full-time with benefits. All of the jobs are legitimate and from actual companies who want to hire freelance or work-from-home professionals.

Freelance Writing Jobs – Dozens of writing jobs are posted on the site and promoted daily through Twitter.

Writer’s Digest – This account is less job-focused and offers tips/tricks for writers. You can also get updates on its annual Pitch Slam for writers.

Visiting these sites and looking for work:

ProBlogger – As the name implies, the site is tailored to bloggers who write for a living. Most of these gigs are one-time-only but I’ve landed  few and they’ve gone really smoothly and paid well.

Craigslist – People in your local area may need freelance writers, or go to sites for large markets like Las Vegas, Washington D.C., and New York City. As long as you can do the assignments remotely, you can work from anywhere (so why not tap a higher pay area?).

Downloading these apps:

Upwork – Beginners to long-time contractors can find freelance writing work through this user-friendly app.

Mobile Freelancer – Find jobs and get paid in the same spot.

If you are a contractor, how do you find freelance writing work?

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