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March is one of my favorite months. Not only does it bring spring (I hear you birds chirping outside of my window), but during some years it also brings Easter! My kids are really excited about Easter, Jesus, the crafts, the chance to color eggs, and the Easter bunny. Here are a few cute ideas for Easter fun kids can really get excited about — and parents/teachers too!

Assemble a cute bunny basket.
My kids had a blast making a bunny basket! It’s perfect for storing goodies. All you need is a container (an empty, clean icing container works well), some white card stock paper, a cotton ball, scissors, markers and glue. Measure, cut, and glue the white paper around the container and cut out bunny ears. Use glue to attach the cotton ball tail. Then make a bunny face with markers!

Attend an Easter Egg Hunt.
Take a look online to see if there are any free Easter egg hunts near your home. Our neighborhood holds an annual hunt, and so does my daughter’s preschool. The last two years, we also went to a hunt at a nearby outdoor mall. All of the hunts are free, too! If you can’t find one, head to the local dollar store for plastic Easter eggs and you can have one of your own at home with some friends.

Remember – making Easter fun for kids doesn’t have to cost a lot – or anything at all!

Make carrot footprints.
For Easter fun, try this adorable way to preserve an image of your kids’ feet. (I’m a sucker for hand and footprint crafts.) Your little rabbit will love making carrot footprints found online from One Krieger Chick. You just need white paper, green paper, orange paint, scissors, and glue. To make the carrots, place your child’s foot in orange paint and press the foot firmly onto white paper. Cut around the footprint and you have your “carrot.” Cut out seven thin strips of green paper to make the carrot stem. Glue them on and you have yourself some carrot footprints.

Make a bunny mask.
This bunny mask is really cute and perfect for preschoolers. You need a craft stick (a Popsicle stick will work, too), white pipe cleaners, and a pink pompom nose. Glue the pink nose on one end of the stick and glue the pipe cleaners on both sides of the nose to make whiskers. Have your child hold the opposite end of the stick and you have the cutest little bunny mask.

How do you have Easter fun with your kids at home, school, and church?

What are your favorite Easter crafts and activities to do with the kids?

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