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Within the last few months, I’ve had an epiphany. I knew I had fibromyalgia. I knew the symptoms showed up shortly after my twins arrived and I knew that it was mostly under control. But then I realized something that was sort of in the back of my mind but not sticking out like a sore thumb … If my body has these autoimmune diseases and it is literally attacking itself, what exactly makes me think that having a tiny piece of silicone and copper hanging out in my cervix was a good idea? Maybe it was time to think of having my IUD removed.

To back up a little, for almost 4 years, I used the copper IUD as birth control. I had it inserted shortly after my twins were born. Since my mom is a breast cancer survivor, I knew I didn’t want to use any hormonal birth control options, but the choices were pretty limited. My husband and I had used barrier methods in the past but wanted a little more security and ease post-twins because, well, we had just had twins! The copper IUD seemed to be the best fit for us, and my doctor at that time agreed.

Why I Got My IUD Removed

Fast forward, and my health spiraled out of control after our twins were born. I suffered from pretty extreme postpartum depression. I developed signs of adrenal failure. I had no energy and was in pain constantly. My cycles were widely unreliable and heavy and uncomfortable. When I talked to my doctor about my symptoms, she checked some standard things with blood work and all my levels were in the normal range. She chalked everything up to the fact that I had twins who didn’t sleep through the night, and also because I had such a negative and traumatic birth experience. She said to just hang in there until we got past their first birthday and things would get better. (Great advice, right? She’s not my doctor anymore.)

In 2014, after going down every avenue I could think of: trialing medicines and supplements, doing strange therapies, and visiting more specialists than I could keep count of, I finally got a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I made some major changes and felt much better on many levels. Something was still not right, though. And then it hit me. The IUD.

I talked to my new doctor and he completely agreed with my epiphany. He totally understood why I got the IUD in the first place (He is a twin dad himself.), but he said these were some of the exact reasons why his office doesn’t put them in. He had an appointment set up for me in just 72 hours.

So what’s next? No IUD. No hormones. There isn’t a lot to count on, is there? My doctor suggested a natural planning method. He gave me some options and I consulted some of my closest friends as well, and I decided to start reading the book Taking Control of Your Fertility. I was scared and skeptical at first, but I soon learned more about myself than I’ve ever known.

For the first time in the 20 years I’ve been having periods, I actually understand exactly what is going on with my body each day of my cycle. I know the exact day I ovulate (and which days I’m fertile leading up to it) and I know the exact day my period will start, and it isn’t based on my average month or a calendar or guessing. It is based 100% on physical signs I see and experience right in the moment. On top of that, my cycles have already calmed down and regulated since having the IUD removed. I am happy with the changes. Do I still have fibromyalgia? Yes. But I can already tell it’s under better control now than 6 months ago.

Have you ever had a medical epiphany like I did other than having your IUD Removed? What did you do about it?

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